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“Gandhi knew that the British forces cannot be defeated with Violence”

Sri Saurabh Bajpai, Professor of History and an expert on Gandhian Ideologies from Delhi University graced everyone with his presence in ITM University on the 71st Death Anniversary of Mahatma. Following a film produced by the School of journalism, he beautifully answered important questions like, ‘why is Gandhi called the father of our nation?’ and ‘real reason behind Gandhi ji’s death’. He also narrated those incidents from Indian History which are significant in Gandhi ji’s life. A very informative session came to its conclusion in Ustad Allauddin Khan auditorium.

After the Lamp Lighting and green Welcome of Sri Bajpai, Vice Chancellor of ITM University, Dr KK Dwivedi, addressed the audience and introduced the expert. He highlighted important points of this year, where all the notable events had an underlying theme of Gandhian Ideologies. He further acknowledged everyone participating in the program.

A short film of 16 minutes made by the students and faculty members of the School of Journalism was shown to the guest. This film presented 2 parallel narratives on the life of Mahatma by 2 young students of ITM University. In a country filled with all types of perspectives towards a person or an incident, the students presented two different points of views.

Sri Saurabh Bajpai said, “Everyone has full liberty to form their own opinion on a person or an incident”. Highlighting how the youth of our country has formed their own uninformed outlook towards India’s struggle for Independence, he urged everyone to try to put themselves in Mahatma’s Shoes to understand him better. While answering the questions which were asked at the beginning of the program, he highlighted how social media is being used as a tool to spread lies about any person or any event. He narrated important incidents from the life of Gandhi Ji which were important in Indian History like the mention of Frontier Gandhi and the Story of Peshawar.

He also mentioned some fine qualities which make Gandhi Ji eligible to be called the father of our nation:

  • Gandhi had an incredible quality of D-Classing himself because of which he didn’t wear any clothes, until and unless they were made by him through his ‘Charkha‘(spinning wheel for cotton).
  • Gandhi was an intelligent man, who knew about the number of British forces around and inside India at that time and eventually knew they cannot be defeated by the use of Violence.
  • Gandhi used to think about the welfare of the society before anything else.

Later, the audience took an oath to realize and inculcate the teachings of Mahatma in their life.