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College life is a time of immense pleasure, joy, understanding and consistent efforts. All these qualities amalgamated in a unique sense of purpose determine the strength of the invisible relationship or thread that binds the students to their Alma matter even after passing out. The beautiful memories they create along the way generally witness participation from all the major pillars of society where a University/college plays a very important role. This role was utterly justified in the recently organized Alumni-meet 2k18 at ITM University.

The meet was organized in Ram Manohar Lohiya Auditorium of ITM GOI campus which is frequented by students of all courses. It has been active since the inception of the University, so it is safe to say that the alumnus also must have visited this part of the campus at some point of their college life. As they walked in, the former students were handed over T-shirts of ITM as a token of appreciation for their auspicious presence. They took their respective seats and became spectators of the presentation by current university students, which can be best described as, “A trip down the memory lane”. This ‘trip’ featured special programs to spread a dose of nostalgia among the alumni. As the presentation progressed to its youth, they could be seen discussing things like, “’xyz’ has changed, while ‘abc’ is still the same”.

Though, the acts presented by current students would have fired up the memory neurons, for sure, the mimicry of teachers in one of the acts by the former students surely fueled up their anxiety and adrenaline levels. The students, now working in various reputed companies like, Google, IBM, and Wipro etc were deeply moved by the organization of this meet.

Following this, the alumni were requested to introduce themselves and motivate the current batch of students. Their hearts were blazing with excitement and anticipation as they shared their life and times with the audience. They shared insights about the university unknown by the present batch, including day to day life hacks and tricks. Introducing themselves, they also talked about their mentors and teachers who had guided them during their tenure. “Teachers play a very important role in student’s life” this was proved by the senior students as the words of experience and wisdom encroached the speakers of the auditorium. They even sang nostalgic songs remembering the days of free living and vibrancy. Titles of Mr. and Mrs. Alumni were conferred to fuel the fire of belongingness inside their hearts.

A thrilling session, full of happy and beautiful memories was now in its adulthood, as everybody proceeded to the dining area for lunch. Though, food was just an excuse to talk and develop new relations, nevertheless, it was delicious and packed with variety.

No Get-together is complete without group-photographs and selfie’s, the special guests posed with the students along with Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor to make the last moments memorable. Overall, the true notion of renewed camaraderie and fellowship was successfully evoked in the hearts of all the alumni who visited ITM at Alumni-meet 2k18.