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A Government of India initiative The 3rd INSPIRE (Innovation in Science—Pursuit for Inspired Research) Science Camp, funded by Department of Science and Technology(DST), Government of India, began at the Turari Campus of ITM University on December 12.The inaugural ceremony was graced by Dr.Sunita Mishra, Principal Scientist ,CSIO,Chandigarh as Chief Guest and 100 participating students from various schools of Dholpur, Itawa, Jhansi, Agra and Madhya Pradesh along with their teachers . After the inauguaral ceremony there was High Tea for all. Then Dr Sunita Mishra delivered two expert lectures on Applications of Near Infra- Red Spectroscopy. In between the two lectures there was lunch for one and all. The lectures were followed by a question- hour session by the students with the scientist. Also a qualifying test based on MCQ, was organized for students, as a preliminary Round to the Quiz Competition, which will be held on the 4th day of INSPIRE2016.

INSPIRE 2016 is a five-day camp for Class XI students, where they will get an opportunity to understand important scientific concepts practically and various methods to innovate in the field of Science by the renowned scientists of the country.


On the second day of Inspire 2016 ( December 13), Dr. R.K. Sharma from IIT Delhi conducted a very interesting session on Mathematics and Cryptography in the morning . He gave a wonderful presentation on the origin and interesting applications of quadratic and binomial equations. He explained difficult theorems of mathematics to the students in a very easy and enjoyable manner through animations. The session was applauded by one and all. In the afternoon session students paid a visit to the different Science labs of the University. In the Physics lab, they learnt to estimate the wavelength of Sodium light and to find out the Specific rotation of sugar using polarimeter. In the Chemistry lab, they learnt to measure the velocity, clash and fire points of lubricating oil. In the Life sciences lab, the students did staining of fungal and bacterial cultures through various techniques. In the Pharmacy lab, they learnt gel electrophoresis and estimation of protein content. After that the students paid a visit to DRDE(Defence Research and Development Establishment),Gwalior. There after there was a science movie show for the students and their mentors in the Madhulimaye Seminar Hall of the University.


On the 3rd day(December 14) of the Winter Science Camp held at ITM University, Prof. P. Bahadur from South Gujarat University delivered a lecture on the Importance of Chemistry . He discussed various topics like Pharmaceuticals, Polymer Agriculture, Food Chemistry, Drug Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Nano Chemistry and also important Principles of acids, bases and Hydrogen Ion Concentration(pH). Thereafter there was a motivational lecture by the Hon’ble Chancellor , ITM University, Mr. Rama Shankar Singh wherein he emphasized on the fact that studies should not be just profession-oriented, in fact, they should be knowledge driven. In the afternoon session, there were Poster-making and Debate Competitions for the students on the following topics:Poster-Making“: Challenges Posed to the Society with Scientific Advancement”
Debate: “Scientists can be better leaders of the nation”


On the Fourth Day of Inspire 2016(December 15), the morning session was conducted by Dr. A. K. Goyal, a senior scientist from DRDE, Gwalior. He delivered a lecture on the Diseases produced by Bacteria and their Prevention and Control. The afternoon session was conducted by a senior scientist from NCEMP , Allahabad University, Dr. Kamlesh Pandey. He enlightened the students on Energy and Various Forms of Energy. Both the lectures were followed by a question-answer session. After the lecture students went to the Science labs for demonstration of various experiments.

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