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A review of North-Eastern students life at ITM University

Talented individuals from the North-Eastern states of India enjoy a life full of adventure, thrill and excitement in Gwalior at ITM University. Students from the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura, Sikkim, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland together present a harmonious equation of rituals and customs which ensures Global exposure for all of our students. Known all over the world for their ever-evolving energy and skills, the students live up to the standards set by their forefathers.

Like any other student of ITM University, a North-Eastern student also experiences the extraordinary care and support from University management and faculties. From the very day of admission, every student enjoys world-class facilities and infrastructure which ITM promises. While the days may become a little overloaded with information, the nights are usually spent partying and recreating with friends at the hostel. With a host of activities almost always in progress, the campus is alive with lights and decorations. The impressive cafeteria serves delicious and hygienic food to the students. Therefore, it is often seen as a place to chill and hangout.

As good as they are in academics, the North Easterners usually have a special secondary skill, such as Singing, Dancing, Musical Instrument playing, acting etc. ITM promises unique and intensive care to hone these extra-ordinary talents as well. A well-maintained International prodigy is NAAD Amphitheatre in itself which has the ability to deliver the most demanding performances in an exquisite way. Various other well-maintained Art, Craft and Musical rooms have been set-up to fuel the passion of budding generation. With past performances by Zubin Nautiyal, KK, Arijit Singh and Indian Ocean, ITM conducts various music and rock shows regularly to induce inspiration and passion in students.

A sea of opportunities also lies for the students to excel in Sports and Games. With a dedicated school for Physical Education, ITM University supports State of the art courts and playing area. Indoor and Outdoor courts for Badminton, Basketball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Football, Cricket Floorball and many other games exist to complement the learning process.


Students also get the chance to visit famous historical and architectural marvels of Central India. Gwalior Fort is a one of a kind architectural heritage. Constructed over mountains and hillocks the fort still stands tall after almost 1500 years of its inception. North Eastern students visited the fort and had a great time with their mentor.