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S.No. Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Name of the Department  Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of award     of PhD
1 Latika Bhatia Biotechnology Dr. Sonia Johri Ethanol Production From Renewable Agro Waste: An Economic & Ecological Perspective 2015
2 Ruchi Khanna Management Dr. Vandana Bharti Effect of Organizational Culture on Innovation: An Empirical Investigation of Software Industries 2016
3 Vikas B. Thakare Management Dr. Yogesh Upadhyay
Dr. Gyan Prakash (Co Supervisor)
Nurturing Innovation and Technological Capabilities: A Case of Government R&D Laboratory 2016
4 Rupal Shrivastava Biotechnology Dr. J.L. Bhat Evaluation of Toxicity of Metal Based Nanoparticles Using Mouse As In VIVO Mode 2016
5 Saurabh Khandelwal Electronics & Communiction Engg. Dr. R.D. Gupta

Dr. Balvinder Raj (Co- Supervisor)

Analysis and Optimization of Nanoscale FinFET Based Low Power SRAM Cell 2016
6 Brajraj Sharma Chemistry Dr. Richa Kothari Study of Copper (II) Complexes: Antineoplastic Agents 2016
7 Ashish Kumar Gupta Biotechnology Dr. J.L. Bhat Study on Genetic Variability, Phytochemical Constituents and Antibacterial Propertiesof Acacia nilotica 2017
8 Charu Singh Microbiology Dr. Ajay Kumar Characterization of the Bioactive Component from Actinomycetes against Phytopathogens of Glycine max (L.) 2017
9 Rita Sharma Biotechnology Dr. Kuldeep Dwivedi Micropropagation Studies in Simarouba glauca (A Multipurpose Plant) 2017
10 Bhavna Sharma Biotechnology Dr. Kuldeep Dwivedi Evaluation and Characterization Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) 2018
11 Chinkita Jain Biotechnology Dr. Kuldeep Dwivedi Assessment of Drought Tolerance in Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata L.) Using Bichemical and Molecular Attributes 2018
12 Anupam Vyas Electronics & Communication Engg. Dr. R.D. Gupta
Dr. Balvinder Raj (Co- Supervisor)
Performance Enhancement of Microstrip Antenna using Broadbanding Techniques 2018
13 Akshay Singh Management Dr. Vandana Bharti A Study to Evaluate the Relationship among Customer Satisfaction Overall Internet Banking Service Quality and Service Quality Measures 2018
14 Deepti Mukhriya Biotechnology Dr. J.L. Bhat Evaluation of phytoremediation potential of selected plant species in heavy metal contaminated soils in Gwalior District 2018
15 Rashmi Tomar Chemistry Dr. Vandana Kushwah Studies on the Synthesis and Characterization of Zeolite and their role for selective sorption of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water 2018
16 Alok Prasad Dwivedi Microbiology Dr. J.L. Bhat Assesment of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degradability Potential of Bacteria Isolated From Petroleum Oil Cantaminated Sites 2018
17 Ramendra Singh Parmar Biotechnology Dr. Ajay Kumar Production, Purification And Biochemical Characterization Of Extracellular Pigment(S) From Actinomycetes Isolated From Rhizosphere Soil Of Mp Regions, India 2018
18 Uday Pratap Singh Gahlaut Physics Dr. Y.C. Goswami Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc oxice Chalcogenide Core/Shell Structures by Chemical Route 2018
19 Shivani Yadav Biotechnology Dr. Kudeep Dwivedi Morphological, Biochemical and Molecular Characterization for Salt Tolerance In (Avena Sativa) 2018
20 Pragya Jadon Microbiology Dr. Ajay Kumar Production & Characterization of Active Metabolite from Actinomycetes against Dermatophytes 2019
21 Akanksha Gupta Microbiology Dr. Sonia Johri Bio-remediation of Heavy Metals from Polluted Sites of Chambal Region under Various Environment Stress Conditions 2019
22 Swati Chitranshi Microbiology Dr. J.L. Bhat Microbial Diversity of Chambal ravines and their potential exploitation for sustainable development 2019
23 Kapil Sharma Computer Science & Engineering Dr. Brijesh Chaurasia Trust Management in Vehicular Adhoc Networks 2019
24 Gaurav Bhadauriya Environmental Science Dr. Shivom Singh Extraction of bio fungicides from bryophytes and their contribution in plant disease resistance 2020
25 Animesh Kumar Agrawal Computer Science & Engineering Dr. Pallavi Khatri Physical and Virtual Acquisition of Data from Android Phones for Forensic Analysis 2020
26 Vaishali Joshi Computer Science & Applications Dr. Sanjay Jain Tampering Detection in Digital Video using Temporal Fingerprints in variable size GOPs 2020