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I am thankful to ITM GOI for giving me such an apportunity. It is really a special feeling to get placed from college itself. Teachers of my department, Tap cell help us to get placed.


It is an immense pleasure to say that I am placed is I-gate  I feel very lucky and special. All the faculty of training and placement cell helped me in this achievment . They were very supportive. Training session helped me a lot in achievment of my goal. I am proud to say that i am placed in IGATE.


The ITM  journey was the most beautifull part of my life. ITM  gave us many opportunities to enhance our personality. Build our carries. Now, the journey was completed we call ourself a successful engeneer finally, I feel very happy to placed in IGATE.


Thank you ITM GOI and tap Cell for providing me such a good opportunity to get placed in Igate. Tap cell has provided me better guindence and training for placements preparation.


ITM U  is one of one best know and established university in india. It gives us the best platform tol learn, grow, to shine. The infrastructure and the faculty of our college is outstanding the tap cell members are very helping and motivating. The whole itm is like a family. Thank you.


ITM GOI provided us the huge opportunity for placement and training. Getting placed in igate is one of the major aspect of my life. So, thankful to tap cell and itm goi for providing me such opportunity.

Amarjyoti saharia

The experience of this campus drive (igate) was really good. I learnt a lot of things. Our tap cell supported me well. TAP CELL training helped me a lot because of this I was very confident in the drive. Thanks them for my job. And I am extremely happy that i am placed.


It feels very spcial and lucky to be placed in igate . All the teachers of itm & training and placement cell helped in for me achiving my goal. The teachers and tap cell was very supportive throught the placement session and college also helped me a lot.


ITM has groomed me in numerous ways. I got the opportunity to discover and enhance my potential at every step in this university, I owe my success to ITM. I am thankful to the tap cell for my placement. I am glad I found my way to the itm family.


The placement process was nice and interactive. I specially like the constant updates and notifications provided from iGate.If Its possible, I would strongly recommend for another interactive session to be held by the company. Really waiting to get a response regards.


TAP CELL, superbly maintained the placement works throughout all the companies , that came to itm institute so far. I am feeling very happy to get participation in all the placements. Written test and interviews are held in good environment. Finally, it is good to get placed in iGATE Company. Thanks to everyone in TAP CELL who  helped & guided us a lot during placements. Waiting for an interactive session with IGATE.


I would like to thank training and placement cell for conducting various training session for helping us in developing our technical and non technical skills. It was beneficial for us in developing our skills and in boosting our confidence. But I feel that our training should have started in 2 nd year only unstead of 3rd years.


‘THINK BIG THINK BEYOND’ isn’t just the tag, it turned out to be a motto as the grand stature of ITM GOI, Gwalior, stands  with the minds thinking big and beyond. The administration leaves no stone unturned to mould the student into vibrant, multi tasking, disciplined and ethical prosfessionals. What more to add than the fact that the thorough bread that ITM GOI produces, walk round the globe with their heads held high leaving spectators to applause on their mettles being proved.


The dead fish only go with the flow’ is the slogan that I got from this institutions, and is really encouraging particularly for me during my time of depression. This institution always is the source of encouragement for me and for others also and all of us get opportunities to come in contact with mnc’s like IGate by the menas of TAP CELL  so , i am really thankful to this institution.


Proud to be an ITM ite. The environment that ITM  has provided is the sole reason for my development. The training provided by the tap cell has enhanced my confidence, and my technical skills too. I am very much thankful to ITM Universe.


ITM  is an institute that provides me an apportunity to make my careers in a reputated and one of the top most company. The Tap cell helps me a lot in my preperation for the campus written test. Felling great after being selected in IGATE and all credit goes to my college, my teachers ,who helped me alot. I am one of the blessed students who started their career in college itself.


It has a great atmosphere for studies, nice & friendly behaviour of staff, well trained faculties, nice platform for extra-curricular activties. ITM has one of the best infrastructure in class of other good college. It gives opportunity to all the students in making his/her future. Thankyou


ITM UNIVERSITY is a place where I nurtured my personlity& my knowledge, it is a home away from home.


ITM U with its learned faculties, highrous taining programmes, technical as well as soft skill and various platform for extra carricular activities hereby led to my all mould development and  by giving a dream start to my carrer with igate.


ITM campus are very nice and our college cells many companies so that each and every student a chance to prove himself and read a better future. We call thank you all for being so co operative and patient. Thanks for give a nice direction to our carrer


I consider myself very fortunate to be studied in ITM, it in definitely the best collge in the state which gives me immnense chance to prove myself. It has a great training and placement structure which helped me in getting placed in igate. I am always going to remember this whole itm team in my entire life.


I feel placed to be a part of ITM GOI which helped me to enhance my skills throughout my graduation and provided me a great platform to apper in campus drive with the holps and training provided by the training department helped me to learn even better and prepare for the interview and written test of igate. I feel proud to be a part of Igate now. I am highly thankful to Tap Cell, faculty of CS/IT department and the entire staff of ITM GOI. for providing a initial spark to my future.


I feel great as a part of ITM, Gwalior ITM  has give various apportunities for take part in many campus recuirtment Drive. Trainings of ITM has very helpful to me. By attending all trainings of ITM, I got selected in IGATE. I really thankful of ITM which gives. me IGATE selection and knowledge and so many opportunities. i give heartful thanks to ITM.


It feels very special and very lucky to got placement, teachers and TAP CELL way very supportive for giving the guidelines related to placements as well as in studies itm is a very big platform for job, opportunity, I am proud to be in ITM.


It is amazing feeling to say that I am starting my new awesome life with igate now. ITM is very helpful for me to achive that life, teachers are realy very helpful and tap cell is working amazing with students. Workshops and training are really helpful. So thankyou ITM for being such helpful in my jouney.


It feels enormous pleasure to say that I am one of the placed student in IGATE and this would not have been possible without the help& supportof the itm training and placement cell’s trianing and guidance, I am really greatful to itm and igate which has given me the apportunity to start with my professnal carrer.


It is great to placed in igate in 4 th year, this is possible only because of my institude(ITM) I am very thankfull to itm goi, they made me a professional as well as smart for the corporate world. We entered as a student and now we are proffesionals.


Proper guidance and training helped me a lot in my campus placement. Tap Cell and teachers have been very supportive without them it shouldn’t have been possible. Thanks itm Goi for helping me in startup my carrier in IGATE’ THINK BIG THINK BEYOND’ Your tagline totally nailed it.


ITM GOI helps me a lot in my placement in IGATE. The training and workshop help by placement cell are truly worthy and meet the expectation’s of the company, the faculty members of the placement cell are very co operative and helpful in nature, IGATE helps me to start my carrer and bring me bright future. thank you itm and placement cell.


It was a great journey through out the four years in ITM. All the faculties were very helpful in every step. Thanks you very much fo rencouraging me for being succesfull.


TO be in an institute like ITM GOI is really a great opportunity. ITM GOI takes care of every aspect of student carrier which include placements too. Training and placement cell has really been very careful & co-operative during my placement right from the intial training to the final one TAP CELL has really worked hard to get us placed in the reputed companies finally, i really want to thanks all the members from the TAP CELL for being such kind and co-operative always.


ITM GOI has always been the hub of opportunity. Getting placed in igate is one of the starting staircase of success. Tap Cell provided in proper guidence and training and I am very thankfull to all of them.


The journey of ITM was a very prestigious journey, ITM  gave the opportunity to showcase my skills and the teachers helped a lot to enhance it. I am very thankful to the TAP CELL of ITM University who helped and prepared us for the placements. Finally, i got placed in IGATE’. I am thankful to everyone who encouraged me throughout the journey. now, i am proud to call my self an engineer.


Being selected in the placement drives in an important aspect of every student and thank you to itm which provided a lot many opportunitites. Finally I am happy to be placed at IGATE.


The itm Journey gave us the most prestigious moments & now our journey has reached the important phase where we can proudly call ourself a complete engineer because we are placed. Igate  it was because of the efforts of our teachers. Parents and also our own that who we have reached this platform whose we car feel proud of ourself.


What matters the most in an engineer life is getting placed in campus placement drive. And getting placed in the company like IGATE is like achieving a life goal. The journey was jull of ups and down. Enjoyed a lot.


This is going to be a fantastic journey with such a huge service providing Company in IT sector as an engeenr. IGATE is one of the few companies who has the team to of doing and talking jobs more than capablility.