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  1. Shyam Akashe and Prateek Jain, “Exploration of novel mutual connection of MOS for better performance parameters”, No./ Application No. 1878/MUM/2015, Filed in May 2015, India.
  2. Shalini Singh, Varun Sable, Vijay Singh Baghel, Vishwas Mishra and Shyam Akashe, “Memory device with Non-Volatile Memory Array including One FinFET One Memristor (1F1M)”, No./ Application No. 3093/MUM/2015, Filed in August 2015, India.
  3. Maitri Singh Kushwah and Shyam Akashe, Exploration of Novel Efficient Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using FinFET Technology”, No./ Application No. E-12/140/2016/MUM/, Filed in Feb 2016, India.



  1. Prateek Jain and Shyam Akashe, “A brief analysis of innovative design: Low Leakage CMOS Differential Amplifier”, Registration Number : L-63659/2016 and Diary Number: 10439/2015-CO/L, Filed in September 2015, New Delhi, India.
Dr. Shyam Akashe
Dr. Shyam Akashe published patent and copyright


  1. Process of synthesis of Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane by Penicillium sp. KF952244.

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Dr. J L Bhat and Swati Chitranshi
Patent of Dr. J L Bhat and Swati Chitranshi


  1. Process of Synthesis of Macrocyclic Copper (II) Complexes and their use there of as therapeutic Agents (2001/DEL/2014).
  2. Process of Synthesis of Semicarbazone Copper (II) Complexes and their use there of as therapeutic Agents (4258/DEL/2015).
  3. Process of Synthesis of Biologically important 1,4,8,11- tetraaza cyclotetradeca-4,7,11,14-tetraene derivatives and their usr as therapeutic agent (201621005254A).
  4. Computer-Aided Design, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Ethylene Diamine Copper (II) Complex (201621005881 A).
Prof. Richa Kothari
Prof. Richa Kothari Patent

R&D Project:

  1. R&D Project :Phy & Engg Sc. : “Studies On Antiviral Chiral Drugs: Synthesis, Chelating Tendencies And Biological Activities Of Some New Diketo Amino Compounds And Their N- & O-Heterocyclic Nuclear Combinant.”

Project Investigator : Dr. Prabha Dixit, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, ITM University, Gwalior.
R & D Project sponsored by MPCST

Dr. Prabha Dixit
Dr. Prabha Dixit R&D Project