A Rural Manifesto by Varun Gandhi

“The Country Is Becoming Young And Politics Is Getting Old”

A Rural Manifesto: Realizing India’s future through her Villages” explores different facets of Farmers and rural economy of our country. Written by Sri Varun Gandhi, the book was successfully launched in NAAD Amphitheatre of ITM University. Taking the reader on a heart-wrenching journey through Rural Indian settings, the book presents a farmers intellectual narrative to find his identity in this technologically advanced era. It is a product of 2.5 years of extensive research aimed at a community which is the economic and agricultural backbone of our nation.


On a bright afternoon, Sri Varun Gandhi landed at Gwalior Airport for the launch of his new book, ‘A Rural Manifesto’ at ITM University. Accompanied by Founder Sri Ramashankar Singh, Vice Chancellor Dr KK Dwivedi, Managing Director Dr Daulat Singh Chauhan and Pro-Chancellor Dr Ruchi Singh Chauhan, Sri Varun Gandhi provided ideas and solutions for the development of Nation. Starting his case from scratch, he talked about ‘Revolution’ as a means to develop our nation. Our history is filled with a varied array of revolutions. Be it a Green revolution or the Industrial Revolution, they have always been tools for human progress in the whole world. “But in the present scenario a Citizen Revolution is of utter importance,” he said.

He also raised many serious questions about the issues of Indian democracy, politics, commercialization and corruption. He said that there is a lot of talk about youth in politics today but the truth is that the country is becoming young and the politics is getting old.

a rural manifesto
a rural manifesto

The factual narrative accompanied by Storytelling, live examples and practical ideas were able to come to its indefinite conclusion. Talking about Politics, History, Development: economic and rural and his unparalleled experience, Sri Varun Gandhi gave food for thought to his listeners. In the End, Dr Daulat Singh expressed his gratitude also talking about how the involvement of just 5 per cent of the total population can make a resounding difference in the way, we as a democracy function.

Following this, Sri Varun Gandhi visited ITM Global School near ITM University Turari Campus for the Sacred Bodhi Tree Plantation Ceremony. He was welcomed warmly by the toddlers of ITM Global. ‘Bodhi Tree’ where ‘Lord Buddha’ is said to have attained enlightenment is originally situated in Bodh Gaya, Bihar. During an official visit, the Government of Bihar presented Hon’ble founder Chancellor Sri Ramashankar Singh with saplings from the sacred tree. These saplings have been planted in ITM University, Turari and ITM Group of Institutions, Sithouli campus. Now the sapling has also been planted at ITM Global School where knowledge will flourish and know no bounds.