Vision, Mission and Values

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  • To emerge as a global hub of knowledge creation, cutting edge research & development and the centre for development of skills to create entrepreneurs capable of contributing to different fields.
  • To emerge as a preferred choice for students at global level to pursue their passion would help develop them as leaders in their respective fields.

Our mission is to advance, network and disseminate knowledge in a way that helps in creating contributing citizens to global society. We aim at delivering knowledge that blends academic rigour, curiosity and intellectual simulation. Education at ITM University Gwalior should help students becoming capable of judicious introspection and objective reflection. Our students are expected to be capable of raising pertinent questions, challenging status-quo, change-catalyst, serve as team players, have quest for lifelong learning, aim realizing their full potential and have an intent of serving society.

We understand:
Role of a University in the society, principles of inclusivity and diversity, shared governance, role of rich academic debate, importance of sustainable development, cultural plurality and freedom of thought & expression.

We value:
Inquiry, scientific temper, social justice, creativity, differing perspectives, innovation, academic freedom, dialogues, excellence, quality and service motive.

We promote:
Learning culture, research, ethical behaviour, Indian ethos and values, entrepreneurship, spirit of inquiry, wellrounded personality, practical learning and merit.