Gwalior is a historical city in the heart of India, situated in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The Ancient Indian Classical School of Music “Dhrupad” was finetuned here and spread to various parts of India to acquire local flavours. Known as “The City of Music”, the legendary musician Tansen also belonged to Gwalior and became one of the nine jewells of Emperor Akbar’s court. Tansen innovated many complex & beautiful ‘Ragas’.

The city has perhaps the richest musical tradition among all the cities in this great country starting from Tansen, Baijubabra, Hassukhan, Haddukhan, Krishnarao Pandit, Bala Saheb Puchhwale, Chote Bhayya Puchhwale, Bande Ali Khan, Shankar Rao Pandit and to come to the living legends Malini Rajurkar, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, the list is endless.

Gwalior has beautiful large Fort Palace built during Tomar dynasty who were connossieurs of Art & Music. Exquisite stone works can still be found here inspite of immoral plundering by vested interests. Agra is 110 kms from Gwalior and 1½ hours journey by express trains and is easily reachable to Tajmahal. Khajuraho group of temples depicting all facets of life is 4 hours journey by road. Mitawali & Padavali has a group of 108 ruines of temples and is 20 kms from Gwalior. Orchha is 100 kms from Gwalior and is a treat for weekend trips as the village still carries old time feel with palaces, temples, cenotaphs and ruins along the banks of Betwa river.

Modern Gwalior is new educational hub and a bustling city with a population of over 1.6 million. It is centrally located 317 kms from Delhi and 400 kms from Bhopal. It is well connected with Delhi, Bhopal, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad by trains, road and by air from New Delhi and Jabalpur.

ITM University itself has visitors from all over the region to see its vast collection of sculptures and paintings as well its most applauded Amphitheater, which is hub of cultural activities.

The industrial history of the Gwalior dates back to later part of 19th Century when Birlas established their Textile business. The well known Grasim & Gwalior suiting brand was born in this region. Gwalior has kept pace with time making it emerge as a vibrant city of Madhya Pradesh. The City has attracted major corporate houses like Cadbury, Kodak, SRF, J.K. Industries, Crompton Greaves, Flex Chemical and Atlas.

ITM University carries forward the tradition and is applauded for its efforts to preserve and promote the Indian classical music. It holds a music festival annually, which is gaining popularity in the entire country