ITM University Students Engaged In Artificial Intelligence Activities

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With ITM University at the forefront of Learning, Knowledge and Technology, an article on Artificial Intelligence written by the students of the University will enlighten the audience on the various factors prevalent in the field of Technology.


Opportunities or draining them?

Artificial intelligence” is the power given to machine to process or comprehend things like humans, other machines and materialistic things. Other than natural intelligence the power given to machine to develop and understand things on their own is artificial intelligence. Like understanding human language or competing in highly strategic games like chess which is completely based on how or what the other player plays.

Artificial intelligence can be classified into three types- analytical, human-inspired and humanized artificial intelligence. Analytical intelligence is one which deals with all the past information and go through stats to predict the future possibility of anything to happen. Although, Human-inspired intelligence not only has the cognitive intelligence but also has human like emotions and the ability to understand human emotions. Humanized intelligence is superior than both of these, it does not only have human emotions but also have the power to construct itself according to the societal needs which means it has “social awareness”, something which we see less in biological humans nowadays.

Creating opportunities or draining them?

As we all know, about the magnificent creations of human known as “humanoids” the robots booted with AI. Some of the very famous examples of these humanoids are Sophia, Manav, pepper etc. Sophia is the only humanoid with a citizenship. There are much more interesting things to know about Sophia like once she was interviewed for 60 minutes, asked random questions, and she not only answered them well but she also showed characteristics such as humor and sarcasm, all this with the help of on-time learning. There is no doubt to this that humanoids can do things we didn’t even imagine. Here are some pros and cons of humanoids.


AI can help in medical industry by creating reports and detecting any minor disease which can be fatal afterwards, AI is also able to perform operations with the precision you would never have imaged. Not only this, but AI can access the parts of body which seem impossible to access without operation.

AI is also very useful for doing the labor work and can be designed to perform a specific function, it will perform the task with 99% precision.


There’s obviously much more to AI than the absolute scope of this article, therefore, I will be focusing on the “cons” because this is something we should get worried of, when I say AI is also able to perform labor work then I also mean it will occupy the human jobs. The problem we face here is far more fatal than it seems, when you have a machine which can do anything a human can and will also perform better than humans then we humans are only left with some options to survive with a job and a work to get paid for. Either we have to learn machine learning and will start to work above AI or we will start to control them but this too faces another problem because just 2% of the world’s population is prevailed enough to develop such skills and as a result the average will suffer the most with this. Another option which can be done here is to develop our skills into things which cannot be performed by robots such as all the artistic or creative work.

Stephen Hawking said “the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of Human race. Once humans develop artificial intelligence, it will take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution couldn’t compete and would be superseded”