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Civil Engineering is the practical application of principles of science to provide a better quality of life to human beings. It was divided into two areas (i) civil applications and (ii) military applications. All other engineering branches sprang from this basic civil engineering. Civil engineering has the capability of kick-starting the economic development of nation. Hence starting from last five year plan, right up to current one, the outlay of expenditure, both in public and private sector has been more than 50% of the total. 

The demand for better infrastructure is exponentially increasing every year with every sector of economy demanding more office, residential, commercial, industrial, and hospital buildings, water supply and sanitary engineering facilities, transport i.e. roads, railways, airports, tunnels, bridges.  &ship ports, etc., communication & entertainment, petrochemical and refining etc. Hence the demand to construct these facilities and maintain them in working conditions is never going to decrease. The demand for better quality of civil engineers will continuously increase.


Our students have great opportunities of employment in infrastructure projects, Real estate development, maintenance and management of construction projects in almost all the sectors of economy. The best opportunity for a fresh engineering graduate is self-employment and to start their own construction and consultancy firms. The number of Civil engineers is the index of economic development of any country.

The Civil Engineering Department of the university is concentrating on increasing the employability of students apart from transfer of knowledge and professional skills.

Department is offering training options to students in • AUTOCAD • STAAD • PRIMAVERA •RVIT etc.

  • B. Tech.
  • B. Tech. + M. Tech. (Integrated)
  • B. Tech. + MBA (Integrated)
  • M. Tech. (Construction Technology & Management)
  • Ph.D.

L&T, Hindustan Construction Company, Simplex Infrastructure Ltd., Punj Lloyd, Continental construction, G.M.R. Group, Lanco Infratech, Atlanta Ltd., Man Infro Construction Ltd., IVRCL Ltd., Il&FS Engineering & Construction Company Ltd., Shopurji Palanji Construction Corporation, Local Big Contractors, Builders and Developers, National Project & Structural Consultancy Firms, Consultants and Real Estate Developers and Maintenance Engineers.

Apart from these private sector companies, the major employer of civil engineers are the Government and Public sector undertakings like: state and central P.W.D’s, Irrigation Deptt., P.H.E Deptt., Municipal Corporations, City Development Authorities, Housing Corporations and Boards, Town & Country Planning Boards, Steel Plants, Industrial Corporations, National Building Construction Corporations, Electricity Boards, Power Plants etc.


Civil Engineering Department has an excellent and experienced faculty with a mixture of old and young teachers. Department has laboratories  which are almost fully equipped and continuously developing according to the changing requirements as per the demands of Industry. These include civil engineering workshops, Surveying, Strength of materials, Geology, Geotechnical, Concrete, Highway materials, and Model labs etc. Apart from this, this department also has departmental computer lab for training in Autocad, Staad, Primavera and other useful Civil engineering softwares.


  • Xtude Engineers Pvt. Ltd.`
  • Autodesk
  • TPC Global
  • GOHO

Students’ Achievements

Our students actively participate in intra mural activities, national & international activities. The Special mention is to be made of Navneet a student of B.Tech. II yr. Civil engineering, who got selected for an international conference in Germany, namely SHC 2013, conducted by solar committees of USA & BELGIUM. He competed 297 students from 49 countries to get his selection for final presentation. However, this project will also be sent to Intel science foundation for further details as a display in the science fair. ITM family congratulate Master NAVNEET on his grand success. The students are encouraged to establish a Society of Civil Engineering in the University. In the meetings of this society, students interact with invited field experts and pioneers of Construction Industry as to what are their requirements and expectations from fresh graduates. This greatly helps to increase the employability skills of students.

The Civil Engineering Department is concentrating on the research in areas of Construction Technology, Construction Management, Environment Engineering, Structural Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering.