Cyber Forensics
Program Objectives:

  • To fulfill the acute shortage of Forensic Experts in the Country and the World.
  • To make the World a Better and Safer place to live.
  • To carry out Research in the area of Forensic Science, Crime Investigation, Security, Behavioral Science and Criminology.
  • Education through Investigation.
  • To impart High Quality Education of International Standards.

Learning outcomes: After completion of the course the students will be able to learn investigation tools and techniques, analysis of data to identify evidence, Technical Aspects & Legal Aspects related to cyber crime like:

  • Explain the role of digital forensics in the field of information assurance and cyber security.
  • Interpret and appropriately apply the laws and procedures associated with identifying, acquiring, examining and presenting digital evidence.
  • Conduct digital investigations in a manner where it can be presented before the court of law. The investigation process should include : identification, preservation, examination, analysis and reporting;
  • Cite and adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards of conduct, including impartiality and the protection of personal privacy;
  • Identify and document potential security breaches of computer data that suggest violations of legal, ethical, moral, policy and/or societal standards;
  • Apply a solid foundational grounding in computer networks, operating systems, file systems, hardware and mobile devices to digital investigations and to the protection of computer network resources from unauthorized activity;
  • Communicate effectively the results of a computer, network and/or data forensic analysis verbally, in writing, and in presentations to both technical and lay audiences.

CAREER PROGRESSION: This course graduates will be primed to pursue a wide variety of prestigious and extremely well-rewarded positions mentioned below:

  • Computer Forensics Analyst
  • Computer Forensics Investigator
  • Computer Forensics Specialist
  • Computer Forensics Technician
  • Digital Forensics Specialist
  • Forensic Computer Examiner
  • Malware Analyst

Projects Undertaken:

  • 1. Title: Vulnerability Assessment And System Audit Company: Prakhar Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi Project Briefing: Performed a full security audit for their website, network and generated a detailed report of all vulnerabilities found and threats with their possible solutions.
  • 2. Title: Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Company: ITM University Gwalior (M.P) Project Briefing: Fully scanned their website, network as a part of vulnerability assessment and generated report of all vulnerabilities found along with their possible solutions. Along with that performed penetration testing on these vulnerabilities.
  • 3. Title: Malware Analysis Project Briefing: Perform malware analysis on Wannacry Ransomware and study their behaviour and generate report.
  • 4. Title: Android application (Tik-Tok) Vulnerability Assessment Project Briefing: Find the vulnerability on most famous android application Tik-tok.
  • 5. Title: Mobile Forensics with Autopsy and Foremost tool Project Briefing: Recover deleted data and exploit facebook details with the help of Autopsy tool and then comparative study with the help of foremost.


  • Conducted a workshop cum training in college regarding cyber awareness, information security, cyber laws and data recovery.
  • Conducted a workshop cum training in college on Digital forensic procedures, imaging, cloning, analysis using various free tools.
  • One day Workshop on Cyber and Web Security was conducted by Centre Of Excellence, CSA department, ITM University in collaboration with National Cyber Defense Resource Centre (NCDRC) of whom School of Engineering and Technology(SOET ) is a resource Centre.


  • Resource center of National Cyber Defense Resource Centre (NCDRC)
  • Placements of students on handsome salary packages (Yokowama, Ola Securities, Axis Bank, Srijan Technologies etc.)
  • Students offered internships from reputed industries.
  • Students completed their internships at Cyber Cell Gurgoan

Research and Publications:

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