How To Choose The Best Engineering College In Madhya Pradesh

With the growing awareness in the Education sector, new colleges and private universities in MP and India offering Engineering and Management as fields of study, pop-up every day. With new colleges coming up every day, students are confused and tend to make poor choices while deciding the best engineering colleges in India and MP. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to introduce them to the process of identifying the best among the rest.

If you’re a Science Scholar, who has just passed class 12th, and doesn’t know how to choose the right engineering college for yourself, and then read-on for practical tips on choosing your institute wisely.

Best Private University
Best Private University

These tips are in no particular order and can be used and optimized for ones own understanding:

  1. IDENTIFY Your Goal/ Analyse yourself
  2. Approvals and Accreditation
  3. Success rate/Placement records
  4. Academic Support
  5. Infrastructural resources
  6. Industry Tie-ups
  7. Crowd
  8. Budget



Identify Your Goals/ Analyse yourself


‘Analyse yourself’ is one of the most important milestones in developing your mental clarity regarding your ‘wants’ in Life.

Goal Identification begins with a thorough examination of one’s self and improvising more deeply on your strengths and weaknesses.

A SWOT (Strength Weakness and Opportunity Test) analysis will be of prime importance while determining your core interests and beliefs. Here you can apply your choice of preference as best MBA college in MP/Gwalior or best Computer Science college in MP and India, best Btech college in MP or best Architecture college in MP and India. Or even as best Engineering college in MP and India or just set your research for the best private university of MP and India.

Best private colleges
Best private colleges


A degree is an esteemed Certificate awarded by a State, Private or Central University.

This Certificate is awarded by the above institutions because they have proper authorization by various bodies of the Government of India, like, UGC (University Grants Commission) and NIRF (National Institutes ranking framework).

These organizations provide the accreditation mandatory for a University to grant Degrees to its students. Without it, the Degree obtained from that institute is invalid.

With the advent of so many colleges and private Universities in MP and India are not recognized by these regulatory bodies and hence their degrees are invalid.

Therefore, keep in mind, while visiting/finalizing your college, look for its accreditation status first!

events at ITM University
events at ITM University


Placements above 80% are of utmost importance in selecting the top College for Engineering in Gwalior.

Not just above 80% but placement data such as no. of core company visits, Highest Package, Median Package and lowest package should also be considered while selecting the best college of Engineering or top Architecture colleges in IndiaTalking to someone studying in the same college must also be a priority during this selection.


Academic Support

Academic support is the amount of support you will receive during your course studies.

This support is totally dependent on the faculty members and mentors you have been assigned, once you enter the college.

The academic curriculum followed by the institute is also important. Asking relevant questions like does the curriculum involve practical work or not? Is there PBL (Project-based learning) or not? These queries will go a long way in determining the best private university in MP or the top 10 engineering colleges in India.


Infrastructural Support

Presence of proper infrastructure to support your academics and extra-curricular activities will determine your interest in your craft. This interest, in turn, affects your performance by affecting your focus.

A good infrastructure ensures that students make use of state of the art facilities and benefit their long term career through it.


Industry Tie-ups

A good college gives opportunities in the campus placement by calling in more employers.

A great college, on the other hand, has industry tie-ups which train, augment and complement students learning in various ways.

In fact, Universities like ITM University support the learning curriculum by offering various industry connect programs where students work on the company’s live projects.



The Environment in which a person interacts with other people is very important in personal as well as professional growth.

This environment comprises of the crowd of people which are present with you.

It is of utmost importance to be able to control the quality of people you share most of your time with.



Money plays a critical role in determining the quality of lifestyle which you will be offered.

Different government colleges/ universities have different fee structures as compared to private universities in India. This varies from region to region in India. Colleges which are affiliated to different Universities generally have a varying fee structure with little or no improvement in facilities.

An ideal choice for the candidates will be, selecting a college which is light on pocket and promises great outcomes.

ITM University, Gwalior on the other hand promises, the best of top Btech colleges in MP, top engineering colleges in Gujrat, top engineering colleges in MP and all these resources under one roof to technically empower the young generation of India. Courses in Engineering and Management are highly sought after and our students speak for themselves whenever they interact.