How To Get Admission In BSC Agriculture Course?

Gwalior with its conducive surroundings and fertile land for agriculture is a place which is mainly used to grow Kharif Crops. Though the land usage and statistical demographics of Gwalior have remained unchanged throughout the years, admissions for BSc Agriculture and the overall scenario of agriculture education has changed by a huge margin. Young people in Gwalior are now much more aware of the agricultural situation in India and are taking initiatives to study this subject where theory and practical work go hand in hand.

There are several Agricultural colleges and Universities in Gwalior, where students can take admission to BSc Agriculture. ITM University also offers a BSc Agriculture course which aims to significantly improve the falling rate of quality Agricultural Scientists/Experts/Academicians.

As the world witnesses a rapidly increasing demand for food. It has led to an increase in pressure in the social, economic and environmental goals. Modern agricultural practices are increasingly turning out to be mere knowledge-based systems. We direly require agricultural education at all levels.

Therefore, ITM University, School of Agriculture should be the top choice of candidates thinking to pursue BSc Agriculture from Gwalior. Let’s take a look at the complete Eligibility and induction criteria for BSc Agriculture course in Gwalior:

Courses Offered


B.Sc (Ag) / B.Sc. (Ag) Hons. / B.Sc. Ag (Hons.) Agriculture


10+2 with Science/Agriculture with minimum 50% marks for UG / Diploma Course.

Career Options after BSc in Agriculture

From the 1940s to 1960s this field has seen tremendous overall efficiency. Farmers are now achieving more with less, as they use state of the art technologies and facilities to derive the best output. But in an age where the total land mass of the earth is shrinking day by day and the population increasing, challenges are persistent. Therefore new opportunities and doors open up every day. Some of the main areas where agricultural students may apply after passing out of their Alma matter are:

  • All India Agriculture Services through Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board (ASRB)
  • Provincial Agricultural Services (PAS) as :
  • District Agriculture Officer (DAO)
  • Soil Conservation Officer (SCO)
  • District Horticulture Officer (DHO)
  • Plant Protection Officer (PPO)
  • Extension Officer and other Subordinate Services
  • Banking
  • Multinational Seed, fertilizer, Agro-Chemicals, Bio-pesticide, Rural Industries
  • Research and Development
  • Entrepreneurship