IBARAT is an Urdu word for Education. This word was used to describe large poetic conferences where research used to be carried out on the topic of national and international interest through intense debate and discussion. Celebrating its meaning and the poetic dialogue between poets, ITM University, the best Private University in Madhya Pradesh, conducted the 10th Installation of IBARAT, the decade long tradition. Other than the usual delicacies and formalities, Ibarat sheds light on something new and unusual on the plate every year. This year the topic of discussion was Pluralism in Indian Culture.

ibarat 2

The Guest panel for the evening was introduced and made to sit on the stage by show Host, Shri Jayant Singh Tomar. It comprised of highly reputed poets including Shri Madan Mohan Danish, Shri Farhat Ehsas, Shri Shakeel Azmi, Shri Shariq Kaifi and Shri Ranjeet Singh.

Pluralism was introduced in the beginning by Founder Chancellor Shri Ramashankar Singh of ITM University, the top University in MP for Engineering, who personally feels India is a nation of many traditions and a long history. This diversity is based upon the cultural, ethnic, religious and regional differences among our people. Therefore, ‘Pluralism’ resides as a core belief in our hearts and should be acknowledged with great fervour and care. He educated the audience and shed light on our great history and heritage. Packed with Rabrindranath Tagore’s Song ‘Jana Gana Man’, the speech went on to motivate and make up the mood of the audience.

ibarat 3

The show continued creating an aura of the healthy discussion by its incense sticks and flowers. The positiveness in the air was further carried forward by Shri Farhat Ehsaas, who gave more invaluable insights on pluralism as an ancient concept. He explained how Pluralism developed in every area of human imagination. Be it Literature, Art, sculpture or Science, Pluralism dates its roots back to an ancient human being who ever walked on Indian soil. Shri Farhat Ehsaas is a celebrated Indian poet who is known for his intellectual and deep poems.

Following this, the topic of pluralism gave meaning to the whole show. Each poet came to the dais one by one and surprised the Audience by their spontaneous rate of speech and poem delivery. Every poet’s distinctive style was evident in their poetry and body language. Many beautiful poems were presented where ‘JUNGLE’ by Shri Shakeel Azmi won huge applaud. Shri Farhat Ehsaas also delivered his poetry in a very distinctive style holding deepest meanings of all the poets present that day.

ibarat 4