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Message of Hon'ble Governor of MP Shri O.P. Kohli

Message of Hon'ble Governor of MP Shri O.P. Kohli

Photo of Ramashankar Singh Chairman of ITM University

“… nothing gives me more happiness & satisfaction than seeing smiles on the faces of young boys & girls as they enjoy the learning process in the Campus, make life long friends, work hard to cope with the challenges of their curricular & co-curricular schedules and indulge with vigour in extra-curricular activities, find time to enjoy life, groom themselves as fine Ladies & Gentlemen sensitive to global Arts & Culture, ready to plunge into their chosen professions and finally work overtime to care for their immediate & Global family and see that Mother Earth and all its inhabitants are saved from catastrophic human interventions. I do believe of these young people becoming ethically right, successful & enjoy their lives to the fullest…

Ramashankar Singh

(Founder Chancellor)

Photo of Kanupriya Singh Rathore Managing Trustee of ITM University

At ITM University Gwalior, we seek self-motivated individuals who believe in charting their own methods of learning, who take full advantage of the opportunities, and are willing to contribute their very best. They will join a rewarding network of scholars, advisors, academia and alumni who have attained some of the most coveted positions in the industry and society in India and abroad. Education at ITM University Gwalior is filled with challenges and rewards limited only by the boundaries of your energy, imagination and the willingness to take challenges. We believe in involving our students as collaborators, stakeholders and colleagues; after all there is so much to learn from each other both within the classroom as well as outside.

ITM University Gwalior campus is ever bubbling with creativity of world renowned Artists in different disciplines interacting with our students. Scholars, Heads of Govts., Noble laureates, Policy makers and opinion framers & Vice-Chancellors keep visiting us at regular intervals to guide and inspire students and staff.

The campus is perceived as hub of academic & artistics activities with no parellel around.

I invite you to be a part of the fraternity in these challenging yet promising times and contribute towards creating a harmonious, peaceful and rewarding future.

Kanupriya Singh Rathore

(Managing Trustee)

Photo of Ruchi Singh Chauhan (Pro-Chancellor & Trustee) of ITM University

ITM University Gwalior is a multidisciplinary University with an aim to fostering highest quality teaching and research across the academic spectrum. The University has been crowned with more than 20 awards and adjudged as “Best University for Advanced Learning” in 2017. Notably, the ITM University was ranked 32nd in Management and 58th in Engineering programs respectively by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Government of India in 2016. This year AICTE ranked ITM University in Platium Category i.e. amongst the best in India.

The University is dedicated to offer high quality education and inspire students to set and achieve higher goals in life. The academic programs are richly blended with cocurricular and extra-curricular activities in order to enhance sensitivity and inculcate leadership qualities amongst students. Our students are encouraged to master the art of raising pertinent questions, challenging status-quo, acting as change-catalysts, serving as team players and have quest for life-long learning with intent of serving society. We aim at delivering knowledge that blends academic rigour, curiosity and intellectual stimulation. The education at ITM University Gwalior is intended to help students becoming capable of judicious introspection and objective reflection.

We hope that the University will achieve greater recognition and excellence in the years to come and give us appropriate satisfaction on what we are trying to achieve.

Ruchi Singh Chauhan

(Chancellor & Trustee)

Photo of Dr. Daulat Singh Chauhan <strong>(Managing Director) of ITM University

I am delighted to see ITM University evolve into an academic launching pad for young achievers. Our sound curriculum is complemented by rich libraries, well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, lecture halls and auditoriums. Besides, the University has also created state-of-the-art infrastructure for sports with a keenness to nurture budding talents and grooming their overall personality. The university regularly hosts a plethora of cultural and sport events in addition to organizing intellectual exchanges in form of seminars,conferences, symposiums to foster a conducive teachinglearning environment.

‘Idea-Pad’ which today stands as the incubator of the university is a uniquely conceived activity aimed at promoting entreprenual skills among learners thereby empowering them to emerge as job-givers. Till date fourteen innovative ideas emanating from the minds of young entrepreneurs could be converted into prototypes out of which a few have already started functioning from our campus as companies with a turnover of more than a crore.

Our journey so far has been hugely successful. It is indeed gratifying to see our young and bright scholars bag their dream jobs. Our campus placement experience with the big MNCs is overwhelming which speaks highly of the training efforts of the university and that of the students’performance. We look forward to receiving reputed brands and companies in greater numbers in the days to come. In view of this I urge upon my dear students to work diligently and with zeal to convert every opportunity that comes their way into real success.

Dr. Daulat Singh Chauhan


Vice Chancellor ITM University, Gwalior

I extend a warm welcome to our returning students and extend a heartfelt greeting to the to our vibrant academic community. Together, we form a learning community that thrives on equity, diversity, inclusivity, and a shared commitment to academic excellence. As the Vice-Chancellor, my commitment lies in cultivating an atmosphere that cherishes creativity, fosters innovation, stimulates intellectual curiosity, encourages critical thinking, and supports the holistic development of our students. 

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide an unparalleled learning experience, ensuring that our students are equipped with the tools needed to excel in their academic pursuits. At ITM University, Gwalior, we believe in project-based learning that goes beyond traditional classroom settings, preparing our students for real-world challenges. We take pride in being a student-centric campus, where the individual growth and well-being of each student are paramount. Our commitment to cutting-edge research, innovative teaching methods, and a supportive learning environment remains unwavering.

As you embark on your academic journey with us, ITM University, Gwalior is not just a place of education but a hub of opportunities. Our focus on career development aims to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed for success in the professional world.

I look forward to witnessing the incredible achievements and contributions that will undoubtedly emerge from our dynamic and innovative community. Together, let’s make ITM University, Gwalior a beacon of academic excellence and a catalyst for positive change.

Prof. Yogesh Upadhyay

(Vice Chancellor)

Prof. (Dr.) Santosh Kishan Narayankhedkar
Prof. (Dr.) Santosh Kishan Narayankhedkar

I congratulate all of you for fighting Pandemic Covid-19 and emerging victorious. Stay safe and take care of yourself.

All the students are welcome to the University for pursuing their dreams and converting them in to reality. Beautiful campuses full of nature including the national bird Peacocks on the campus chirping and dancing will certainly inspire and motivate all of us. The paintings and sculptures in the campus helps boost the innovation in the students.

University initiated ABCA (Activity Based Continuous learning and Assessment) and PBL (Project Based Learning) implemented as part of CBCS curriculum reforms to  drive the students towards the Out of Box thinking ability.  ‘Outcome based education’ and ‘competency based learning’ makes the students say I want to go to school than saying I have to go to school. Students are trained to practice Gandhian Engineering – More from less from More (MLM). Students at ITM University have realised that Internship is the golden gateway to Industry and believe that Sky is the lower limit.

Cutting edge research by the faculty members helps the students to work on the live and relevant projects and enable them understand the need and opportunities at the bottom of pyramid.

We are proud of our students and 20000+ alumni of which some have tapped the hidden potential of entrepreneurship and emerged as unicorns in the corporate world. One of the reasons for the success of students is that cultural activities are integral part of the University resulting in overall development of personality of our students.

Remember the statement of Dr. Peter Drucker “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes”.

In this world of ABCD (Artificial intelligence, Big data, Cyber security and Data analytics) we aim to make the future citizens with real smiles and compassionate hearts.

Finally – Education is for life and not for mere living

God Bless. Love you all.
Jai Hind, Jai ITM.
Prof. (Dr.) Santosh Kishan Narayankhedkar
Pro Vice Chancellor