South Indian Students Community


A Southern Trail!

A sneak into the South Indian Students community of ITM University: Five major states in the southern part of our country come together to form the South of India. A beacon of literacy and true success, the states of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana together along with 3 Union territories are home to about 19% of the total area of India. After experiencing fluctuations in the decades immediately after Indian independence, the economies of South Indian states have registered higher than national average growth over the past three decades. Literacy rate of south Indian states is considerably higher than the rest of India with about 80% of the population capable of reading and writing. Since its inception, ITM has been attracting a huge number of South Indian students

The South Indian students at ITM University enjoy their life as and however, they want. Generally, the south Indians are known to be calm and patient under most of the situations. But they always possess great fervour inside. Brilliant Scholars, excellent academicians, hardworking researchers and eminent entrepreneurs, the south Indian community has high standards while being absolutely ground to earth in their behaviour. One more quality which is often observed is that these students do not talk about their success instead they are highly motivated and supportive of other failures.

ITM University has witnessed an amazing and active level of participation in co-curricular activities by the south Indian students. Mechanical and Computer Science branches of Engineering remain to be the first choice of south Indian students. As more areas of Research and Development open up day by day, the student’s inclination towards engineering as an option continues to grow.

To support these courses of highly varying nature, ITM University has evolved as a home to the best infrastructure in the whole state of Madhya Pradesh. This claim is supported by various National Ranking Bodies who have ranked ITM as the fastest growing academic hub of our country. Careers360 has ranked ITM University as an AAA+ category college to study. The National Institute of Ranking and Framework has ranked ITM on the 32nd place in Management studies.

With 62,226 placement opportunities, 372 major industries and MNC corporate recruiters, ITM also has a special place among other ivy-league colleges of our country. Expert Lectures, diverse seminars, International conferences, well-equipped libraries, Classrooms and laboratories complement the structure of knowledge sharing and teaching pedagogy. This year BYJUS visited the campus and took 4 students at a package of 10 Lakh annually. Therefore to learn, grow and enrich your career, join ITM University today!