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Cinque Terre

Prof. Richa Kothari

(Professor, School of Sciences)

Cinque Terre

Neeraj Goyal

(Assistant Professor, Department of CSA)

Cinque Terre

Prof. Sudharani Banappagoudar

(Professor, School of Nursing Sciences)

Cinque Terre

Prof. Sanjay Jain

(Professor, Department of CSA)

Cinque Terre

Dr. Shahid Amin

(Associate Professor, School of Management)

Our Startup Stories

A startup in medical mushroom. Cordyceps militaris is a potential harbor of bio-metabolites for herbal drugs. The products made up of cordyceps like cordi tea, cordi coffee, cordi tincture, anti-cancer medicine, dry Fruiting body, cordi powder, cordi capsules etc are being made.

VN Organics

FarmCo Agriculture is a student venture in Agriculture Based products and services. FarmCo is currently venturing into Agri Finance through its new subsidiary Farvest. Farvest allows social investors to invest in crops of needy farmers, after crop period returns are given back to investors.

FarmCo Agriculture

We are Central India’s Largest Mechatronics & Education Research Company having more than 5 Years of Experience. Currently, we are serving in education industry and helping them in promoting Robotic Education into various institutions through our FIRE Robotics Lab & FRS Innovation Centers and its modules.

FIZ Robotics Solutions

Doorstepshoppee Services Private Limited is an online e-commerce company which aims to digitalize the country with its dynamic website/app. Ventures like Explore your City, gives accurate details/contacts about anything like auto, coaching, hostels, restaurants, advocates, doctors and venture like CitCon aims to connect every offline shop to its website/app and give the customers a direct access to the products available and discounts. Other ventures like Hostel Services, CRT, Entrepreneurship Club, DSS Foundation are taking the Company to a whole new level!


Aasia foundation is a social startup, a Non Profit Organisation, aims at providing free medical facilities to those who need it but unfortunately, cannot afford to have it. We, as a team are working hard to bridge the gap and to assure them our presence whenever they need it.


The best moment, when we hired 2 graduates as a employee of the company. Its better to Job creator than seeker.

ZARA INFORISE PVT LTD is an e-commerce platform for making a T-shirts, Hoods, & Tracksuits in bulk for the corporate and Institutions. We start arrivalshop just making a single vision in our eyes to be a leading e-commerce platform for making the Customized T-shirts and hoods. We will launch soon our own new brand of t-shirts and hoods of good quality fabrics, printing and in reasonable price.


Spanshots is the world’s first App/Web motion picture-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take motion pictures and share them on Facebook with their friends.


To introduce our Organization, We are a Training, Workshop, Development and On Campus Cultural program based out in Gwalior, Jaipur . We specialize in Training, Workshop, Development and On Campus Cultural program & CRT Program, for corporate, management and technical. We render our services to Schools, Colleges (Technical and Management), and Corporate. We conduct Pre Placement Training for Engineers, Corporate Training for executives, Voice & Accent Training to Teachers, Faculty Development Programmes. To brief you, IDENTITY is a hardcore Training service provider in academics and corporate with diversified products. We render our services to Corporate, Academics (Schools and colleges).


Insightful talks began in 2018 as conference where Technology, entertainment and design converged. We cover almost all themes from science to business to global issues. A platform devoted spreading ideas. Welcoming people from every discipline and culture. Our agenda is to make spark conversation. Here we are canvas that provides you platform for your art.


“new way for foodies”

Hunger taste

Gaurav Rana Started this company with a concept that solve a problem of renting a House. This is a big problem because now days the brokers expect at least a amount equivalent to rent of 1 month…


We noticed that there is hardly any late night food delivery services in tier II cities and smaller towns. Working on an aggregate model, we deliver fresh food between 11pm-4am in the morning. we are targeting a substantial turnover in our starting year itself

Tasty Nights

Communication Engineer by qualifications and have good experience of Corporate Sector. Coming from business family, these two wanted to start something on their own.


we thought of this idea of creating a rental review portal where the outgoing tenant will rate his experience with the property. We are currently working with IDEAPAD to create database of all the student accommodations in various cities.


we are in process of creating a pan-India aggregate model business in the customized clothing sector. IDEAPAD is helping us in creating mechanism for tailor-made cloth by taking measurements through mobile application.


We at Global Research & Training Center (GRTC) believe that it’s very important to adopt new methods of learning in this fast growing competitive world. We are offering different types of comprehensive courses. We are proud that our students will make their mark wherever they go. GRTC is perfect platform for students to explore their skills.
We have very transparent and clear vision.
What highlights our vision is we want to educate whole India. Work towards our vision is already started from Madhya Pradesh which is center point of India.
When it comes to development, we will create international platform for our students to represent themselves which will not only help youth to be successful but also to highlight GRTC worldwide.
The most important factor about GRTC, It’s a Feeling.