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First of all thanks to ITM University for providing such a great opportunity for being placed is WIPRO. It is my pleasure to work with wipro and I am sure I can build a successful career ahead with Wipro Limited.



The placement cell of our college has been conducting training in a professional way to help the students get placed in companies. We are greatful to the member of the placement cell as they are very proffessional and co-oprative.


I am glad to be a part of this institution which has helped me to stand up on my feet. I owe a lot to all my mentors in the Training and placement cell and as with their suport I have reached such great heights.


I am greatly thankful to ITM GOI, Placement Team and its faculties who have supported and helped me in knowing myself and getting placed in Wipro.


I would like to thank ITM for giving me a platform. When I was in first year then I had not much idea about placement. Teachers and management of ITM were always there to support me in my hard times. ITM helped me to shape my skills and ideas into a concrete form. ITM  provides excellent opportunity and atmosphere which bridges the gap between industry and the academics.


Wipro (Western India Palm Refined Oils Limited ) is an Indian mutinational company headquters in Banglor, India. I am really happy to work with wipro it gives me a great platform to show my skills.


I am happy that I got placed in wipro. This opportunity will help me improve my technical & non technical skills and I would  collaborating with more  & more people through which my confidence level will  increase. Wipro will be helping me out to wild my personnality and help to survive in the courporate world and i am looking forward to it.


I would like to thank ITM for giving me a platform. Such as greateful opportunity. We the traming sessions provided by Tap Cell  of ITM  has helped we a lot in enchancing my knowledge and communication skills. When I came to ITM I never thought of getting placed  but ITM realy helped me thoughout this course. ITM truely defines its logo. “THINK BIG THINK BEYOND”


It was indeed a great opportunity from university as well as Wipro to provide us this platform and start our journey as professional. The recuirtment process was smooth, though it elongated over two hectic days but overall it was a great experience afterall all it was ,’The firs opportanity of our life.


The entire selection procedure was very fruitful and the boot camp conducted just before the campus recuirtment was very helpful.


I am greateful to my college that it helped me improve myself. And supporting at every step which got me placed at wipro technologies.


Training were beneficials for getting me placed.


The entire selection procedure was very  good.  the boot camp conducted just before the campus was beneficial as well.


I would like to thank itm, specilly Tap Cell for providing me with the necessary training to polish my skill and knowledge.


I would like to thank ITM specially Tap Cell for providing me the platform to enter into professional world. Training and placement cell offcials were always there for us and always encouraged us to do better and better. It was nice experience to attend the trainings arranged by tap cell which at last was the major point in my placement . A Big Thank You to TAP CELL.


I would like to thank ITM University Tap Cell for providing me the platform to enter into the proffessional world TAP CELL faculty were always supportive and there for us. Training and ample mock teste were provided to improve myself, which played a major part in my placement. Thanks a LOT to ITM.


I would like to thank ITM University & TAP CELL  of ITM. ITM has given such a platform to me. The modules of training  and placement cell has helped me a lot to enhance my skills & knowledge faculties of ITM has supported me to improve myself. When I entered into ITM campus, i did not had any idea that i can be placed but i have gained the confidence here, now the dreams come true. THINK BEING, THINK BEYOND  also played a major role here.


I am very glad that I am going to be a part of Wipro Technology and heartly thanks to all my friends, parents and ITM family. As I started being a part of itm with no knowledge of engineering but ITM makes up my mind and convert it into engineering platform. ITM TAP CELL put on excellent efforts on Training and placement program. In my point of veiw, it is the Best Institute i have ever seen and provide effective guidance,without it i was unable to show my telent and developed skill. I am greatful to be a part of ITM GOI. All the best for all ITM GOI.


First of all I am very thankfull to the managementof ITM GOI which gave us very precious opportunity which have helped a lot in enhancing my skill. The training provided by the Tap Cell of ITM which helped us a lot to crack the Wipro Recuitment Drive. All the best to all the Junior of ITM GOI.


ITM is known for froviding ample number of opportunity to its student this year also . ITM stood by its repute by playing a major role in laying the foundation of one’s career. The training provided by Tap Cell was excellent due to which I was able to crack Wipro test in the first attampt only.


ITM the place where college gives the number of opportunity for every student to get placed and I am very thankfull to the Tap Cell which provide the best training of tech. and non tech., which help in grooming the personality and to enhance the technical skill so, proud to be the ITM student.


Proud to be a part of ITM family. ITM teachers and management always been a source of inspiration and provided us with so much of exposure and opportunity to develop ourself and shine. It’s all because of Everone’s effort I am placed in Wipro.


The training programs conducted by ITM have been really helpful in helping me getting placed. The college has been really supportive throughout the session until my placement in Wipro. The faculties have been really supportive to every step and help me reach where I stand today.


ITM is known for providing ample number of opportunity this time also. As a tag line of ITM think big think beyound. This is proved by the ITM. I  am thankful to the faculty members of the ITM as well as placement staff. To give provide us the best training and all the relevent informations about companies . Think big think beyound


With immense pleasure and gratitude towards the management of our institute, I would like to say that I am glad to be a part of ITM which provided me a good platform to develop and discover my skills & which helped me in getting placed in Wipro. Thank you ITM and all its faculties and management for providing me this opportunity.


It gives us immesure pleasure to say that ITM GOI has provided a good platform, which made me reach this position of being in my dream company Wipro. To me ITM GOI  is my second home, which gave me buddies, great career Which I willl never forget throughout my life time. Thanks to all my teachers who supported me and thank you so much ITM GOI.


4 years of my journey at ITM GOI has completely tranformed my personality and raised my confidense to a level where I can think big and think beyond . Heartfelt thanks to the institution, Tap Cell, Teachers and friends that I made at this awesome place. I am proud to be a part of ITM.


It was a great journey through out the four years in ITM. All the faculties were very helpful in every step. Thanks you very much for encouraging me for being succesfull.


My journey to wipro was an effort but in by my parents and my faculties. It was a wonderful feeling and I am pleased to be here.


THINK BIG THINK BEYOND . AS the tag line of ITM  says. It provided us a better platform & success in life . I’m selected in Wipro and it is a great feeling for me. Different trainings helped me a lot to get into Wipro.


ITM universe has made me to attain greater heights to have a bright future. The training has helped a lot and the placement opportunity of Wipro has thus made my dream come true.


Being at ITM,it has been a great experience which includes its environment, training, etc that helped me to enhance my skills, I am thankful to ITM for providing me oppurtunity and to give the best of me because of which I got placed in Wipro technology.


I  am greatful to ITM GOI and our placement unit for giving us such a wonderful opportunity and arranging pre-placement session for building our confidence and enhancing our skills due to which I got placed in Wipro Technology.


Thank you Tap Cell and ITM GOI for providing such a wonderful opportunity for us. I am very lucky to be the part of your institution for being placed in Wipro. I hope you will provide much more wonderful opportunities for our juniors infuture.


Extra curricular and currylar archies helped in pessonalty development a happning campus enterview a process. At the end is primary concern of institute.


Excited to work with Wipro.


Regular studies and academic projects helped me to get placed in Wipro. There is indeed no better feeling than getting placed in the first campus drive itself. I’m thankful to ITM University and all my faculties who helped me throughout my engineering.


I feel very lucky that I am the student of ITM U  and it gives me frindly environment, confidence and make me self starter. What ever I had expected from ITM University & Tap Cell is fulfilled hence placed in Wipro right now. Thanks ITM U Tap Cell.


Its been a great pleasure, being a student of ITM GOI Gwalior. I am very thankful to my faculty members, Tap Cell and ITM management for providing the opportunity and motivating us. ITM provided me the environment and the culture required for my development.


Boot camp helped a lot. A good college experience. Personality development program had been beneficial.


Intresting journey, amazing sessions, confidence boosting training session, enjoyed a lot the unforgettable college days. Enchanced my confidence level to new heights, helped me get placed in wipro india ltd.


Being an Itmite I am very happy. Enjoyed a lot the journey of 4 years. Training session and boot camps were awesome, provided us lots of opportunity to enchance our talent, helped us in the placement drive finally placed in Wipro india ltd.


Very exciting memorable journey 2012-16 , lots of opportunities of growth, development were provided, training provided were awesome. Enjoyed the whole day tiresome interview sehedule but finally placed in Wipro india ltd.


Its been a great jorney at ITM. I am thankfull to all my faculty members, TAP CELL team and ITM management for the learing and encouragement I have got here I’ll always remember the momories that have made here with my friends, faculties in the classes and training and will always motivate me throughout my life.


Thanks ITM for giving me a great opportunities to grow myself through placement in Wipro technologies. ITM’S Tap Cell provided us a better training facilities in all kinds. ITM enables us to get placement in best companies and Tap Cell made Is pretty much easy.


From the very beining ITM has held my hand throughout , whether it was acadmics or co-curricullar activities, ITM helped me shine in every area which is the sole reason I got selected for Wipro, will always be greatful to this university.


ITM group provides competent training and augmentation programmers and education as well as skill friendly environment which enables us to be a confident leader as well as good learner. Thanks ITM for giving me great opportunities to grow self through placement in Wipro Technology. Thanks to ITM  TAP CELL for providing me such a platform to start my next phase of my life.


I am very greatful to ITM GOI in developing and discovering my skills through various training programmes organised by TAP CELL. The faculties and the management are outstanding. All the very best to ITM.


ITM University was very helpful and co-operative throughout the engineering with the valuable insight that the dear faculties provided throughout helped me get placed in wipro technologies.


Thanks Tap Cell given me a wonderful opportunity to grow myself through placement in wipro technology. ITM has worked as a great motivator and developer in my life. It developed my personalty, my skills everything. Just belive in ITM and believe in yourself.  I hope ITM gets its global fame and we too will try to do.


Thanks ITM for providing the environment to grow and opportnuties to make a successful career. The kind efforts of every one helped me achieve my goal. Now, I really believe in think big, think bayond.


ITM GOI is a great place to get opportunities to enhance yourself in many ways. I feel happy to be a part of it.


I am obliged to be part of this event. Its being a great time to be a part of the recuirtment drive, I am feeling fortunate as I got this chance, interviewer were very cooperative and calm.


Proud to be a part of ITM, and great thanks to Tap Cell that provide good training session at regular intervals that help us to crack the written and interview of Wipro Technologies.


I am very greatful to ITM GOI Tap Cell for doing all that they could  & beyond which played the main reason in getting me placed. And I would like to suggest my juniors to definetly get registered in Tap Cell.


The technical as well as non-technical trainings provided by the Tap Cell helped me a lot to enhance my skill & to get placed in such a celebrated organisation “Just be confident & honest & the job is yours”


Boot camp helped we a lot in my campus drives.


I would like to thank ITM specially Tap Cell for providing us the necessary training session that helped me to enhanced my skills and knowledge, needed to successed and get placed in the corporate world, ITM has good infrastucture and great facullty that combindly has moulded me theoritically as well as practically. I have spent great time here.


Thank you ITM for giving me the opportunity & help crack the wipro interview.


Thank you Tap Cell for providing us such a platform to show our skills and got selected in one of the Top companies of India. I would like to give my humans gratitude to ITM GOI  for providing us the opportunity to enhance our skill and personality. Being placed in Wipro is a great feeling and without the co-operation of college, it would not have been possible.


I am very thankfull to ITM GOI, not only for making me academically sound but also for grooming my personality by providing training, positive atmosphere, co-operative Tap Cell & highly qualified faculties.


ITM GOI, the place where I was groomed and transformed into a confident person capable of making my own powerful personality. It provided a wonderful campus and technical trainings provided by Tap Cell which enhances the technical skills.


Very thankful to the ITM TAP CELL  that has been very instrumental in my preparation. The training session not just enhanced my technical skills but also developed my personality. This lead the way to wonderful opportunities for my career.


I express my humble gratitude to my college ITM and my teachers for their efforts and guidance which gave us fascinating opportunities to take my first step towards my career


Wipro (westorn india product limited) is an indian multinational IT Companies, headquarter in Banglore India. It is Indias largest publically traded companies. I wish to work with the organisation , since I hope it will provide a good platform where I can utilise & improve my working skills, and enhance my knowledge & contribute in the growth of the organisation.


Wipro (westorn india product limited) is an indian multinational IT Companies, headquarter in Banglore India. It is Indias largest publically traded companies. I wish to work with the organisation , since I hope it will provide a good platform where I can utilise & improve my working skills, and exhance my knowledge & contribute in the growth of the organisation. i am very excited, willing and happy to work with organisation wishing to get better future opportunities for me.


First thanks to  ITM University, which provide me such opportunities . They also provide number for training session to prepare for placement. They also invites  MNC  companies For hiring us so thank you ITM.


The opportunities provided by the training and placement cell was very good. The boot camp conducted before the selection process was very benificial.


ITM University provided us opportunity and groomed us in every expect of life whether its academic or extra curricular activities. Campus recruitment drive was hectic but it was our first experience so it was exiting indeed.