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ITM School of Management is one of the flagship and leading B-Schools of Central and North India. It has received the highest ratings for its learning-outcome based academic programmes, state-of-the art Infrastructure, rich academic resources, continuous evaluation system, credit-based system and global outlook. The basic intent of the B-school is to impart quality management education at Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral research levels. With an elite league of faculty members, School of Management offers a comprehensive learning experience with total exposure to modern business trends and practices. Moreover, the school strongly believes in empowering the students to take the lead and develop strong leadership skills. 

School of Management, ITM University Gwalior is the only B-School in India to achieve a flawless 250/250 score, achieving the prestigious Platinum from QS I- Gauge.

The B-School has been Ranked at 32nd Position by NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework, MHRD, Govt. of India in April 2016) and ranked at 13th Position amongst the Top 100 B-Schools in India in terms of “Intellectual Capital, Physical Infrastructure, Interface and Placements” (By Career Connect, February 2016, Vol.- 4, Issue-6). School of Management was ranked 2nd in Madhya Pradesh (OUTLOOK,2021) and ranked among the top 100 Business Schools in India (IIRF,2023)


School of Management, ITM University, is a world-class institution providing exceptionally trained business professionals in contemporary areas of Business & Commerce. ITM University offers programs at undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral level with a focus on developing business leaders who can apply their learning to the industrial and societal growth.

Dr. Vandana Bharti Dean


To create and disseminate knowledge to produce socially, ethically, responsive, and globally competitive professionals.


  • Focusing on the program delivery through the right blend of contextual curriculum, experiential learning and assessment based on demonstration capabilities.
  • Building a research culture to augment critical thinking and analytical abilities among students and faculties.
  • Sensitizing students to become professional, ethical, and socially responsible individuals by inculcating leadership skills through holistic and value-based learning.
  • Creating an ecosystem that provides exposure to global culture.
  • Igniting the entrepreneurial spirit among students to establish organization that creates value.


The programmes offered are an excellent showcase of flexibility, predictability, and transparency. All our academic programmes are based on a system of credits- generally guided by ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) as a proper means of promoting the most widespread student mobility. 

  • BBA/ BBA (Hons./Research)
  • B.Com / B.Com (Hons./Research)
  • MBA (Dual)
  • MBA (Agri business)
  • PhD (Management)

Programmes Offered by CoE (Center of Excellence)

  • MBA (Data Science) Programme
  • BBA+MBA Programme (IPM)

BBA/ BBA (Hons./Research) Programme

The programme prepares students for aspiring business careers with special skills and knowledge in different areas of business strategy and management. The course offers students a solid foundation in various aspects of business management that will enable them to understand business policies, markets, organizational structure, and finances. It also helps them in getting a detailed understanding of the specializations of their choice i.e. Marketing, Human Resource Management and Finance. The course also encourages students to apply for higher studies, and entrepreneurial ventures by providing different insights into business management.

Eligibility: Students must have at least scored a minimum aggregate of 60% marks in 12th std.

Duration: 4 Years

B.Com. / B.Com. (Honours/Research) Programme

The programme offers an extensive academic experience which gives the students wide exposure to all the vital elements of commerce. With the growing scope of competition in the business world, this programme goes beyond the traditional teaching methodologies by placing focus on the interpersonal growth of the students. The strong orientation toward academic research creates an engaging atmosphere that continues to stimulate students into acquiring more knowledge. The programme equips students with vast commerce and finance knowledge along with strong business ethics and professional values.

Eligibility: Students must have at least scored a minimum aggregate of 60% marks in 12th std.

Duration: 4 Years

MBA (Dual Specialization) Programme

This is a two years full time credit-based programme spread over four semesters. It is a contemporary and challenging course that uses latest state-of-art teaching learning processes for delivering maximum “learning outcome”. The teaching-learning process of the programme is unique and is instrumental in placing students in the best companies of the corporate sector.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3) in any discipline from recognised universities with a minimum of 60% marks.

Duration: 2 Years

MBA (Agri Business) Programme

The two year MBA (Agri Business Programme) at ITM University Gwalior is designed to transform dynamic & determined Agri-graduates to hi-tech Agri Business Managers for Agri industries in India.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3) in any discipline from recognised universities with a minimum of 60% marks

Duration: 2 Years

Ph.D. Programme

The B-School offers a doctoral programme in management meticulously crafted to empower students, practitioners, leaders and managers with advanced knowledge and research acumen.

Eligibility: Applicants need to hold a master’s degree with 60% (such as MBA or related field) from a recognised university or institution.

Center of Excellence (CoE) at School of Management ITM University, Gwalior was established in year 2019 with a vision to achieve excellence with well planned strategies in teaching, Research and development, Training and placement, Industry aligned courses etc. The objective is to boost the participants by providing an opportunity for interaction and mutual exchange of ideas between faculty, students and experts from industry and academia working in particular areas of specialization. Under Center of Excellence the attempt is to measure the competencies of each participant and work on enhancing the quality of his/her knowledge and skills through well defined and designed academic processes. We provide an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with modern business and leadership practices, including the latest technological advances adopted by industry keeping in view the national and international demands.

Programmes Offered by Centre of Excellence (CoE)

MBA (Data Science) Programme

Data is the most important asset in business today. Most of the companies across the world say that data analytics is vital for their business growth. Thus, there is a rapidly growing demand for business analysts and data scientists with a management degree. They are required to explore, detect, visualize and communicate patterns in data. MBA Data Science Programme at ITM University would train students to apply statistical techniques and data analytics software in order to enhance an organization’s efficiency with the help of a data-driven perspective. Students have a promising future in this field.

Eligibility for MBA (Data Science)

Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3) in any discipline from recognised universities with a minimum of 60% marks.

BBA+MBA Programme (IPM)

This Program is a Four-Year integrated program of MBA, which envelopes both BBA and MBA programmes. This uniquely offered program is a handcrafted program by the experts from Industries to prepare students who can be entrepreneurs, leaders and set up their own startups. The pedagogy followed in the program is problem-based learning and project-based learning, which offers students an immersive learning environment.  The best part of the BBA + MBA Integrated Program is that it saves precious one year of the students.

At the School of Management, ITM University, Gwalior, we aspire to attract the brightest minds and shape them into exceptional leaders and innovators. Here, excellence knows no bounds, and opportunities abound for those ready to seize them.

Eligibility for the course:

Candidates should have secured at least 10+2 with 60% marks in aggregate in their qualifying examination.

Sr. No.Name of the SchoolName of the Program(s)Total No. of the courses in the program (as per program SchemeLink
10School of ManagementMBA37
B. Com.36
  Ph. D. Management1

ITM School of Management is located in the heart of the University campus and the B School provides a wealth of resources in terms of:

Business Labs:

In order to inculcate analytical and diagnostics skills among students ITM School of Business has created following important labs with software which are integrated in students’ course-work:

  1. Lab of Marketing Engineering – Uses R, SPSS, SAS, AMOS, MAT-LAB
  2. Lab of Financial Modelling – E-Views, R
  3. Lab of Business Analytic – R, SPSS, SAS AMOS, MAT-LAB

Idea Pad:

The University is Well-equipped with incubation center and active Entrepreneurship Cell (Idea Pad) to support aspiring entrepreneurs


  • Rich curriculum with a distinctive blend of core courses and specialized electives in line with the industry requirements.
  • Faculty with robust academic credentials, extensive research work and rich industry exposure.
  • Courses are delivered by academicians from reputed institutions like IIMs/IITs, renowned B Schools and Industry professionals.
  • Experiential learning through Project Based Learning (PBL)
  • Learning through live industry projects and dissertation and their evaluation through Activity Based Continuous Assessment (ABCA).
  • Case Based Pedagogy and interactions with eminent Business Leaders.
  • Excellent Internships and steller record of final placements in national and multinational companies.
  • Workshops to enhance business skills- SPSS, E-Views, Marketing Engineering, Compensation Planning, Business drafting, Entrepreneurship, Managerial Computing using MS Excel, Financial Modelling through Spreadsheet, Leadership etc.
  • Strong Alumni support through 9000 approx. alumni association members working in some of the best MNCs.

This section explores the theoretical foundations behind the development of teaching and learning resources at ITM University. We utilize a modern Constructivist approach, building upon the ideas of Piaget and Vygotsky:

Piaget’s concept of knowledge construction through experience informs the design of ITM University’s learning resources. We provide learners with a context, a problem, and success criteria, allowing them to actively build knowledge through independent exploration using the provided materials. This approach ensures a more structured learning experience compared to entirely self-directed discovery methods.

Vygotsky’s notion of the “zone of proximal development” guides the creation of differentiated resources. At ITM University, we offer tasks with varying levels of difficulty, including “stretch tasks” for advanced learners and appropriately scaffolded activities to support those who need it. This ensures all learners are challenged appropriately while remaining engaged.

Further Bloom’s taxonomy informs the design by reflecting the learning journey inherent in project and problem-based learning (PBL). Pedagogy at ITM University cater to the entire spectrum of learning objectives, from knowledge acquisition to evaluation, aligning with the principles of PBL pedagogy.

Activity Based Continuous Assessment System (ABCA)

ITM University is first to adopt Activity Based Continuous Assessment System in M.P. which is being implemented at IITs, IIMs and among best universities of the world. A student is evaluated for his/her performance in a subject in a continuous manner during a Semester/Trimester. The major components under ABCA in our School of Management include Application Based Activity, Projects, Case Writing, Review of Literature, Seminar, Quiz, Poster, Open Book Test, Quiz and Assignments etc. We have also developed a unique culture to give prizes for the best individual and group ABCA activities to boost the students.

Project-based learning (PBL)

Project-Based Learning (PBL) embodies a philosophy of education that emphasizes active, experiential learning. At its core, PBL shifts the focus from passive absorption of information to hands-on engagement with real-world problems and challenges. This approach encourages students to take ownership of their learning journey, fostering a deeper understanding of concepts and enhancing retention. Moreover, PBL promotes the development of essential skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving – skills that are indispensable in today’s rapidly evolving world. By immersing students in authentic projects, PBL nurtures their curiosity, creativity, and intrinsic motivation to learn. Additionally, PBL aligns with the idea of lifelong learning, preparing students not only for academic success but also for success in their future careers and endeavours. Ultimately, the merits of PBL lie in its ability to cultivate well-rounded individuals who are not only knowledgeable but also adept at applying their knowledge to address real-world challenges.

Some of the ongoing PBL topics are as under

  • Sensitivity Analysis of Google’s Financial Performance
  • Analyzing MRF’s Dividend Policy for Wealth Creation
  • Creating a Projected Balance Sheet for Apollo Hospitals Enterprises for 10 Years(from 2024 to 2033)
  • Understanding the Sale of Goods Act 1930 through Moot Court
  • How to start a Small Business Enterprise
  • Preparing Questionnaire on Google Form and identifying Levels of Measurements.
  • Testing Hypothesis using t-test and ANOVA with the help of SPSS
  • Testing Hypothesis using Regression with the help of SPSS
  • Best marketing practices for healthcare services.
  • Showcase the Impact of promotion over the marketing of new products.
  • Assess the Cost of Equity, Cost of Debt & WACC.
  • Evaluate the types of leverages.
  • Preparing Questionnaire on Google Form, Hypothesis testing and T-test and Regression
  • Domain Registration and E-commerce Website Development
  • Generating Payment QR Code and Integrating Payment Gateway.
  • Development of a Facebook Page for E-commerce Website.
  • Us Scooter Motor Company
  • Global Food Manufacturing
  • Designing training and evaluation of its effectiveness
  • Create a Role Profile for the position of HR executive, HR Manager and HR Head in a manufacturing & service industry
  • Design a manpower plan for the garment manufacturing company
  • Conducting recruitment analytics
  • Cost Statement
Ms. Shalu Manan
Ms. Shalu Manan, VP HR-GE and Genpact/TEDx Speaker, in 2020 talked about innovation and women empowerment.
Mr Anand Bhanpurkar
Mr Anand Bhanpurkar, Head operations, CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd. Gwalior, in 2020 shared his deep insights on what organizations really demand from the managers.
Mr. Abhinav Kumar
Mr. Abhinav Kumar, VP(Operations), Asteria Aerospace, in 2020 talked about the drones and artificial intelligence.
Mr. Vinay Dabolkar
Mr. Vinay Dabolkar –Consultant, in 2020 talked about mindfulness and innovation
Mr. Praveen Singhal
Mr. Praveen Singhal,Co-founder of WittyFeed, in 2020 talked about Innovation.
Mr. Bharat Joshi
Mr. Bharat Joshi, Co-Founder and Chief Products Officer of VuNet Systems, in 2020 talked about the Digital Payments in India
Captain Vipul Sharma
Captain Vipul Sharma, AGM – HR admin & IT, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Pvt. Ltd., in 2020 shared insights on how online and social media play a vital role in the recruitments.
Mr. Vimal Kumar Mathur
Mr. Vimal Kumar Mathur, Retired General Manager Indian Oil Corporation, in 2019 delivered a talk on best maintenance practices in a LPG bottling plant.

ITM School of Management has always given training, augmentation and placements an utmost priority and to implement it into action an exclusive training, augmentation and placement assistance cell (TAP) has been established with state-of- art facilities. The cell is headed by experienced professional from Industry.

Some of the recent Training Programmes conducted are as under:

  1. Campus Recruitment Training Programme
  2. NISM Training and Global Certification Programme
  3. CPBFI Training Programme 
  4. Quantitative, Aptitude, Logical and Verbal Reasoning Preparation Training
  5. Basic Skills Training Programme
  6. Tech Mahindra Training Programme


Contact TAP Cell:

Mail Id:


The School of Management has a marvelous track record of placements across the entire North and Central region of India. Our batch of MBA 2021-23 witnessed an overall placement of above 90 percent amongst the eligible students.

Some of our recent major recruiters are:

Indian oil, Adani Gas Pvt Ltd, Swiggy, Accenture, Flipkart, Dulux Paints, ITC Ltd, Trident, Tech Mahindra, Tommy Hilfiger and CK, Polycab, ICICI Bank, TCS, Wipro, Xiaomi, TATA Croma, Birla Paints, Hector Beverage, Genpact, Upgrad, Paperpedia, Kent RO, Airtel, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank,, Safeducate, DICT, Safexpress, Jaypee Infratech, Grofers India Pvt. Ltd., Info Edge,, Epic Research, S&P Capital IQ, PwC, Asian Paints, iResearch Services, Universal Hunt, 99acres. com, ICICI Securities, Nielsen, Pepperfry, Gojavas, Satin Credit care, Fedex, HCL BServ, Fusion Microfinance, Trifid Research, IndiaMART, InterMESH, etc.

Placement Drive by BYJU’S

An extensive placement drive was recently held at ITM University Campus for the students of B.Tech /B.E.& MBA by Byjus All participating students passed through rigorous recruitment stages including a Group Discussion and HR rounds of interviews. Finally 3 students were selected by the BYJU’S Ltd at a package of 10 lacs per annum.

Placement Drive by Ceasefire Industries Ltd

An extensive placement drive was recently held at ITM University Campus for the students of B.Tech /B.E. Mechanical & MBA branches by Ceasefire Industries Ltd All participating students passed through rigorous recruitment stages including an Online test, Group Discussion, technical and HR rounds of interviews. Finally, 18 students were selected by the Ceasefire Industries Ltd at a package of 4.5 lacs per annum.

Placement Drive by CapitalVia

An extensive placement drive was recently held at ITM University Campus for the students of B.Tech , B.E. , M.C.A  & MBA by CapitalVia.All participating students passed through rigorous recruitment stages including an online test, technical and HR rounds of interviews. Finally 37 students were selected by the CapitalVia at a package of 4.10 lacs per annum.

Placement Drive by AXIS Bank & Eastern Software Systems, 20 students selected

An extensive placement drive was recently held at ITM GOI & ITM University Campus for the students of B.Tech , B.E. , MCA, and MBA by AXIS Bank & Eastern Software Systems. All participating students passed through rigorous recruitment stages including an online test, technical and HR rounds of interviews. Finally 09 students were selected by the AXIS Bank at a package of 6.00 lacs per annum and 11 students were selected by the Eastern Software Systems at a package of 2.75 lacs per annum.

Ayushi Singh
I am extremely thankful to the faculty members of School of Management, ITM University Gwalior for their efforts in imparting effective teaching and meaningful lessons. My sincere appreciation and gratitude to the vibrant training & placement cell for quality training and services. I am very grateful to everyone here for effectively and sincerely helping me...
Shashank Saxena
I got placed in TCI EXPRESS. My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the Training & Placement cell and the vibrant staff of ITM UNIVERSITY GWALIOR for their efforts in imparting quality managerial and strategic training and activity programs. I am very grateful to them for effectively and sincerely helping me to grab first ever opportunity...
Priya Chopra
“I feel immensely great to do my MBA from School of Management, ITM University Gwalior.  I have got a wonderful placement opportunity as well as constant support from my lovely professors & the placement cell here. The University provides great exposure to its students by organizing different activities which are much needed to excel in...
Aman Jain
“This world is a global village where education plays a very crucial and wide role in every person’s life. ITM University Gwalior has given me a wonderful life with a good career and continuous motivation. I am extremely grateful to all my professors. Now with all the knowledge and exposure that I was provided with...
Viraj Dalvi
Heartiest thanks to the ITM UNIVERSITY Gwalior for providing me a platform of practical learning. It’s due to the untiring efforts made by the faculty members and the exposure and facilities here that I have got my first placement. The contribution by the training and placement cell is praiseworthy in enhancing my overall personality development...
Kirti Pathak
Being a management student, theoretical knowledge in today’s era is not sufficient and here at ITM University Gwalior the focus is much on the practical learning and you can find many big opportunities here.  The three years of my University life will always be precious. If you think you are different from the crowd, then ITM...
Ankita Ahuja
ITM University Gwalior is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning, fun, culture, lore, literature, and many such life preaching activities. The environment and campus life in ITM University Gwalior is overwhelming. I am indebted to School of Management for wonderful teachings and instilling confidence in me. I am thankful to the...
Divyanshu Sikarwar
I was lacking skills when I entered ITM University three years back. My confidence was also very low.  The lovely and beautiful University environment gave me everything in terms of knowledge, confidence, communication skills, good friends, now a promising job opportunity and much more. ITM University is a dream University for any student who wishes...
Rahul Solanki
 “ITM UNIVERSITY GWALIOR has proven to be a pool of opportunities for me. It does not just provide us with various platforms to showcase our abilities and skill but also helps us to learn the necessary soft skills and personality development that are highly required in the outside world. We get effective training on interview...
Muskan Chaturvedi
I am very glad to share a positive journey of my BBA in ITM University Gwalior. My sincere appreciation & gratitude for all the great efforts put by our dynamic faculty members and the placement cell. ITM University provides us a concrete platform to showcase our skills and abilities. It also helps each student in...
Prakhar Niranjan
“If you want to pursue your career in a University where your voice is heard and your opinion truly counts, then ITM University Gwalior is the right place for you. My knowledge and confidence has received a big boost after joining the BBA program in this University. You can find a lovely culture here and...
Sarfaraaz Rayeen
It’s a great pleasure for me to mention special thanks to my faculty members in School of Management for their unending support and Inspiration. I am very glad to share a positive journey of my BBA at ITM University Gwalior. The University provides great learning opportunities and invites top corporate brands for campus placements. The...

Register and pay online at  or Visit the Counselling Cell at ITM University Gwalior Campus or request by post for the Registration Form to the Counselling Cell of ITM University. The registration fee is to be paid by DD drawn in favor of “ITM University Gwalior” or depositing INR, 11,000/- at the cash counter of ITM University. In Case of online registration, payment is to be made online.