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School of Architecture at ITM University is dedicated to developing the sensitivity, imagination and intellect for understanding and designing the built environment.
Architecture is an exciting discipline for those who have a penchant for aesthetics and creativity with a desire to create real world environments.


School of Architecture at ITM University is dedicated to developing the sensitivity, imagination and intellect for understanding and designing the built environment.
Architecture is an exciting discipline for those who have a penchant for aesthetics and creativity with a desire to create real world environments.


ITM-SOA, set in the historical city of Gwalior, offers the students a foundation of our rich heritage with stepping stones towards a bright and sustainable future.

  • Regular Workshops and Activities.
  • Exposure of the field.
  • Activity based pattern of assessment
  • Study tours
  • Guest lectures

Course Curriculum and Scheme

The purpose of the curriculum is to mould the students’ outlook towards built environment and provide them with the skill sets to negotiate the process of design in their professional life ahead. The curriculum provides a range of courses covering core subjects intensively and providing suitable exposure to supporting subjects ranging from history, sociology, psychology and management. The curriculum conforms to the Council of Architecture guidelines with courses under professional core (PC), basic sciences and applied engineering (BS & AE) and elective courses under open elective (OE), professional elective (PE), Professional Ability Enhancement Compulsory courses (PAECC) and skill enhancement courses (SEC).

In the first year the focus is to align the students to the language of design. In the first semester, the subjects deal with basics of design, graphical techniques and basic building construction, supported with theory of structures, environmental sciences, history of early civilizations and communication skills. In the second semester the students explore spatial configurations in architectural design. Other subjects include Indian architecture, construction, structures, graphics and software skills.

In the next two years the students are grounded in the process of architectural design. Supporting core subjects of building construction, structures and working drawings build up their technological knowledge. Technical courses in climatology, building services and design knowledge courses in history and theory of architecture equip them with the pre-requisite knowledge for architectural design process. Human settlements studies and Behavioral and Environmental psychology studies help them understand sociological and psychological processes as a foundation for successful design.

The fourth year Design courses sees the application of their core knowledge in more complex design projects. All design projects adopt real life situations and follow extensive case-studies. Professional practice course gives a thorough grounding in the ethics and systems of architectural practice. Elective courses give a range of choices relevant to the current field and students’ interests.

The final year of B.Arch comprises of an office internship period (one semester) and the final thesis project. The thesis project is a culmination of the program with application of learnings of the program in a full-fledged design project handled by the student with expert guidance from senior faculty. The final year also includes students working on real life projects with the faculty.


Prof. Rebecca Jadon
Qualifications:- B.Arch. M.B.E.M Architect, Town planner, Valuer
Membership:- COA (CA/1988/11783), AIIA, AITPI.
Post:- Professor & Dean
Special interests:- Urban Design, Environmental Psychology
Ar. Tarun Mittal
Qualifications:- B.Arch. Architect
Membership:- COA(CA/1988/11629), AIIA
Post:- Professor (Design Chair)
Special interests:- Construction and management
Ar. Jai Shejwalkar
Qualifications: – B.Arch. Architect , Master in Urban Management, Town planner , Valuer
Membership:- COA (CA/2004/32884), AIIA, AITPI, IGBC AP
Post:- Associate Professor
Special interests:- Green Building rating systems, recycling.
Ar. Jai Shejwalkar
Lieut (Ar). Amandeep Kaur
Lieut (Ar). Amandeep Kaur
Qualifications:- B.Arch. Architect
Membership:- COA (CA/2013/58404)
Post:- Assistant Professor
Special interests:- Building Construction & Materials
Ar. Jyoti Tomar
Qualifications:-  B.Arch. Architect
Membership:-  COA (CA/2017/87077)
Post:- Assistant Professor
Special interests:- Architectural Graphics
Ar. Jyoti Tomar
Ar. Anjali Gupta
Ar. Anjali Gupta
Qualifications: –  B.Arch. Architect, M.Plan (Urban and Regional Planning) SPA Bhopal
Membership:- COA (CA/2017/88319), AITPI
Post:- Assistant Professor
Specialization:- Urban and Regional Planning
Ar. Dev Aditya Jain
Qualifications:- B.Arch. Architect (BIT Mesra), M.Plan –Housing (MANIT Bhopal)
Membership:- COA (CA/2019/118208), AITPI
Post:- Assistant Professor
Specialization:- Housing, Building Information Modelling
Ar. Dev Aditya Jain
Ar. Dhruv Aditya Jain
Ar. Dhruv Aditya Jain
Qualifications:- B.Arch. Architect (BIT Mesra), M.Tech (IIT Roorkee)
Membership:- COA (CA/2019/118203)
Post:- Assistant Professor
Specialization:- Environmental Management
Ar. Sweeti Sharma
Qualifications: – B.Arch. Architect
Membership:- COA (CA/2017/86249)
Post:- Associate Professor
Special interests:-  Model making, Sketching, Interior designing, Architecture
Ar. Jai Shejwalkar



Ar. Sudhanshu Mandlik
Ar. Sudhanshu Mandlik
Qualifications:- B.Arch.(AA London ) Architect
Membership:- COA( CA/2007/40182), M.A, AIIA.
Post:- Associate Professor
Special interests:- Parametric design.
Ar. Neha Bagrodia
Qualifications:- B.Arch. Architect
Membership:- COA (CA/2010/50500)
Post:- Assistant Professor
Special interests:- Institutional design
Ar. Neha Bagrodia
Ar. Shubham Jajoriya
Ar. Shubham Jajoriya
Qualifications:-  B.Arch. | Architect
Membership:- COA (CA/2014/62452)
Post:- Assistant Professor
Special interests:- Computer Aided Design
Ar. Nupur Shah
Qualifications:- B.Arch.| Architect ,M.Arch (conservation)
Membership:- COA (CA/2015/68766)
Specialization:- Urban Design
Ar. Nupur Shah
Ar. Malay Gadkar
Ar. Malay Gadkar
Qualifications:- B.Arch. Architect
Membership:- COA (CA/2016/78260)
Specialization:- Construction Management
Ar. Priyank Purwar
Qualifications:- B.Arch.| Architect ,M.Plan (Urban Planning)
Membership:- COA (CA/2017/84145)
Specialization:- Urban Design and Planning
Ar. Priyank Purwar
Qualifications:- B.Tech | Engineer ,M.Tech (Structural Engineering)Gold Medallist
Specialization:- Structural Engineering

Students host Zonal NASA at ITM University

National Association of Students of Architecture, briefly designated as NASA India, is a student association, one of its kind for the undergraduate students of Architecture in India.
It was established in 1957.
Its common aim and objective is to provide the students a platform for interaction, a platform where students from varied cultural backgrounds would learn and share their knowledge. 

Students host DNXT at ITM University

DNXT is the design fest held by ITM SOA. DNXT stands for design next and the fest explored the current and future trend in architecture design through workshops of artist , Architects, Software experts. The fest was open to all students all over India and Architects as well.


  • Bhopal Study Tour.
  • Joint workshop / Design Studio Assignment with BNCA Pune.
  • Mitavlali Padawali Educational visit.
  • IGBC workshop
  • TIMS conference 2019 .
  • Delhi meditation centres Study tour 2019.
  • Students participated in NASA 2018 at Bhaddal, Punjab.
  • Students win overall 1st prize in Zonal NASA at Jaipur
  • Student participation in NASA at Chennai ,Surat, Jaipur and Vagamon
  • Participation in Art Meet 2014, 2015 at ITM University
  • Bhopal /Sanchi/ Udaygiri tour 2018
  • Chanderi study tour 2017
  • Pushkar study tour 2017
  • Delhi-Chandigarh study tour 2016
  • Orchha study tour 2014, 2015
  • Auroville & Mahabalipuram study tour 2015
  • Agra Mathura study tour 2014
  • Gujarat study tour 2012

The success of any institute is not just based on its curriculum and faculty but also on the facilities and infrastructure provided. SOA ITM has great campus and student facilities, instructional activity spaces, amenities, and administrative spaces.

Highlights of the Campus

ITM University-Gwalior” Campus is a delight to see. One sees hundreds of original works of Art permanently displayed in common areas & monumental sculptures in marble, granite, mild steel or stainless steel in open areas. There is so much of world class curricular & extra curricular activities throughout the year that the city folks of the region eagerly awaits for each event. The largest Amphitheatre of India at ITM Campus becomes witness to ever bubbling energies of youth. There is no barrier between students & higher authorities in this campus. Each student can express himself through ITM’s various clubs. In the 165 acres of sprawling lush green environs of Vindhyachal ranges, the beautiful campus of ITM University is the most Happening & Happy campus in this part of India attracting Scholars, Nobel laureates, Artists, Heads of States & Top Corporates to mingle & interact with more than 9000 students of different streams.

Leonardo Da Vinci SOA Building

The SOA building offers an innovative design with generous spill-out spaces for students. The open spaces spread across various levels encourage interaction and facilitate collaborative learning across the years. The informal setting provides a secure and safe environment for various student club activities, and construction workshops.


A library is the heart of academic infrastructure. It is an organized body of knowledge. SOA has a dedicated library with an extensive collection of books and journals covering a wide range of topics from the fields of Architecture, Design, Art, Heritage, and other allied creative fields. The library provides for online support to students and faculty.


Each batch has its dedicated studio with drawing boards, display panels, activity areas for academic pursuits and general interaction.

Lecture Rooms

All lecture rooms are well designed for optimum acoustics and equipped for ICT presentations.

Digital Media Facilities

Using digital media in the design process and having updated information systems has become a crucial part of the school’s educational pedagogy. The School provides students with high-quality ICT infrastructure including dedicated computer labs, high-speed internet, intranet, and Wi-Fi connectivity backed up by peripherals such as scanners, printers & copiers.

Modeling Workshops

The students use the on-campus fabrication shops and workshops in support of studio and coursework assignments and independent projects. All students undertake intensive exercises in solid modeling and detailing, exposing them to a wide range of tools and procedures.
The School is equipped with numerous facilities such as the climatology lab, exhibition hall, building materials museum and a construction yard that foster experimentation, research and innovation in building systems and construction.


State-of-art amphitheatre with a seating capacity of more than 3000 persons is being used for cultural and co-curricular activities of the University.

Sports Complex

The University has a state of art sports complex having the facilities for basketball / hockey / football/cricket / indoor games and an ultramodern gym, with regular national level tournaments. High tech stages for performing arts are also being constructed. A sculpture village has come to existence as well. These facilities provide a unique blending of art and technology, igniting the young mind for innovative and creative thinking.


One of the key contributors to an intensive & effective learning experience is living in campus. A boys’ hostel with the capacity of approx 800 beds and girls’ hostel having capacity of approx. 300 beds located within its twin campuses. The hostel is well equipped with basic recreation & indoor sports facilities that provide students with homely atmosphere to strengthen the feeling of belonging. A semi –mechanized and hygienic mess & dining facility accommodating sufficient persons at a time has also been created.


Apart from structured teaching and learning schedules, the University has provided platforms for relaxation, exchange of views, and free discussions among students and faculty alike by establishing cafe points on the campus.

Atm & Bank Facility

Just close to the main gate of ITM campus, State Bank of Indore has its ATM facility which is accessible by all major debit/credit cards and inside the campus one branch of UCO bank is also available for students and staff.

Transport facility

The campus is supported by a regular bus service between its campuses and the city.

School of Architecture Thesis Work Exhibition

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  • DEV ADITYA JAIN, Highway Amenity Centre (2016) Project Published by Rtf (Rethinking the Future) and got First Award in International Design Student Award 2016

Placements & Internship SOA ITM University

As a part of their academic journey, SOA Students go through on professional internship at the beginning of 5th year at reputed architecture firms. This exposure enables them to be productive right from the beginning of their work career. The students of SOA are placed in national and international organisations that have won several awards and have tremendously contributed to society. This develops the culture of social responsibility amongst students, which is very well reflected in their final year thesis project.
Listed below are the top International and National Colleges where our student’s doing Masters

  • Loughborough University, United Kingdom
  • Deakin University, Australia
  • SPA Delhi
  • SPA Vijayawada

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