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Business analytics refers to the skills, technologies, practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. Data analytics have been in use from the 5000 BC, as we know from manuscripts. In every industry there is a huge demand and scope for the professionals who can successfully analyze and understand past or present data in various forms and can derive meaning out of them. Thus, Business Analytics deals with the processing and analysis of historical data and trends in business to help companies take better decisions.

Eligibility: The candidate seeking admission in COE needs to fulfill following eligibility criteria:

1. Candidate must have secured 55% in H.Sec. Board Exam.

2. Candidate must qualify the entrance test conducted by ITM University, Gwalior.

3. Candidate must clear the interview round conducted by ITM University Gwalior.

Course Duration: Full Time, 3 years (6 semesters)

Program Outcomes: A student taking admission in this program will be able to:

    • Acquire technical and analytics skills to analyze data, generate and interpret reports.
    • Develop expertise in business and management decision making supported by data.
    • Trained in making decisions with the help of primary and secondary data, software tools, field projects and case studies.
    • To develop the necessary skills to identify, design, develop and deploy services related to management decision making.
    • To design research problems according to industry requirements and choose the appropriate method, design and approaches for the related issues.
    • Learn the highest professional and ethical standards of conduct, including empathy, impartiality and protection of personal privacy of a stakeholder.
    • To develop and suggest sustainable business solutions for competitive advantage.

Scope: The obvious choice for a graduate with a degree in business analytics would be to work as a data scientist or a management analyst. The aspirants would typically be collecting and interpreting big data through quantitative analysis in order to predict, evaluate and inform decisions in a number of business areas, including human resources, customer service, marketing, operations and finance. The career prospects could be in the field of market research, supply chain management, project management or consultancy.