COE at ITM University, Gwalior has been established in 2019 with a vision to achieve excellence with well planned strategies in teaching, Research and Development, Trainings, Industry aligned courses etc. We here evaluate the competencies of each participants and work on enhancing the quality of their knowledge through well defined and designed academic processes and developing it as a culture so as to maintain quality in education. For achiving our  objectives following would be our roadmap:

  • Updating knowledge and improving organizational and pedagogical skills of teachers.
  • To update the knowledge by providing an opportunity for interaction and mutual exchange of ideas between faculty, students and experts from industry and academia working in particular areas of specialization.
  • Providing an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with modern engineering practices, including the latest technological advances adopted by industry keeping in view the national needs and priorities and relevant technologies.

COE Specializes:

  • Artificial Engineering and Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Science

The candidate seeking admission in COE needs to fulfill following eligibility criteria:

  • Candidate must have secured 65% in S.Sec. and 65% in H.Sec. Board Exam
  • Candidate must qualify the entrance test conducted by ITM University, Gwalior
  • Candidate must clear the interview round conducted by ITM University Gwalior,

Course Duration::

Full Time, 4 years (8 semesters)

Learning Outcomes:

  • The learning outcome of COE is a skilled professionals trained in a specific
  • The journey of COE is well started in edge cutting technologies running in the market and in one year we have achieved good exposure in specific field through hands on trainings, workshops, research and developments in these areas. We plan to touch more heights in next 5 years in these domains and COE will achieve many more milestones.

Students Comments

Hey, I am Pratyusha , seeking Btech(Hons), Computer Science from ITM University, Gwalior. I simply finished my third year and will head towards fourth. While I was in third year, I was introduced to a new course “Information Security and Cyber Forensics” I was intrigued and selected that; a decent choice I made. Picking Forensics changed...
My name is Aishwarya Sahai and i am pursuing in Computer Science from ITM UNIVERSITY GWALIOR. I was introduced to the Cyber forensic course last year,and i thank my department for that.Opting for this course gave me a clear perspective of what I would do after the completion of my graduation. The kind of...