Best University In Gwalior

EDUCATION: ITM University prepares students for life by instilling in them a reward based academic results system. This system rewards the students in every turn of their career. Student carry’s this system with himself for a lifetime to achieve extraordinary results anytime in their life. The curriculum offered at ITM University is at par with the curriculum of Top private Universities of India.

 PLACEMENTS: With 62,226 placement opportunities, 372 major industries and MNC corporate recruiters, ITM has a special place among other ivy-league colleges of our country. Expert Lectures, diverse seminars, International conferences, well-equipped libraries, Classrooms and laboratories complement the structure of knowledge sharing and teaching pedagogy. This year BYJUS visited the campus and took 4 students at a package of 10 Lakh annually.

 Group Discussion

Group Discussion

FACULTY: Faculty of ITM University are famous and eminent scientists, academicians, scholars and researchers. With over 900 publications and numerous patents on their name, ITM Faculty members create an excellent arsenal of successful Mentor-ship.

STUDENTS CLUBS AND DIVISIONS: A plethora of students clubs and divisions to address underlying students opportunities and issues.

INDUSTRY EXPOSURE: Not just On-Campus placements, ITM provides Open-Campus opportunities. This year, JOB FAIR was conducted, where students from Amity along with other major colleges of Madhya Pradesh Participated. With INFOSYS, IBM , WIPRO,COGNIZANT,TCI EXPRESS, TDI INTERNATIONAL, TATA STEEL,BYJU’S, AIS GLASS, HDFC, S&P GLOBAL,APOLLO MUNICH, SANDHAR TECHNOLOGIES, TECHNICO INDUSTRIES, METACUBE SOFTWARE,CYBER INFRASTRUCTURE participating for the recruitment, ITM is unbeatable in terms of industry exposure.

CROWD: Crowd of ITM University brings diversity in culture, ethnicity and traditions. With students from various regions of India and the world, ITM promises international level exposure and life-long friendship.

CARE AND NURTURE: ITM University cares about each and every aspect of students life but on the other hand also ensures that it doesn’t disturb the quality personal time of the individual. This academic care is evident from the no. of quality events which are conducted regularly in the campus.


  • The largest campus in the region with world-class facilities.
  • State-of-art sports complex with courts and grounds of almost every game.
  • With Reading rooms, Departmental Libraries, Language labs and communication skills development programs, ITM serves the best of academics on its plate.
  • Comfortable and hygienic Hostel and dining mess to provide food on demand and special care for students living far from home.
  • In addition, ITM has specialized infrastructure for various schools. Department specific laboratories and concerned aesthetic instruments.
  • Best Infrastructure for sports and physical activities in Madhya Pradesh with a dedicated School of Physical Education.