ITM University Gwalior organizes three-day international conference on “Sustainable Development Goals and the Gandhian Way”

Three-Day International Conference on “Sustainable Development Goals and the Gandhian Way” organised by ITM University Gwalior

Sustainable Development Goals and the Gandhian Way

Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) [India], April 24 (ANI/SRV): The Gandhian School of Democracy and Socialism, ITM University Gwalior recently concluded a three-day international conference that focused on the Sustainable Development Goals and Gandhi Marg. The conference presented an alternative vision of development aimed at finding solutions to the world’s problems. The event was graced by the presence of renowned Gandhian thinker and writer Professor Ram Chandra Pradhan and renowned Gandhian social worker and Secretary of Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram Jaura, Morena, Dr Ran Singh Parmar, both of whom were honoured in the closing session with quotes, mementos, and organ tissues.

The Significance of Gandhi’s Philosophy in Sustainable Development Goals

Professor Pradhan, who recounted many memories of Gandhiji, said that the solution to many problems of human civilization is hidden in Gandhiji’s eleventh fast. He underlined the words of the great Gandhian and philosopher Vinoba Bhave, who said that Mahatma Gandhi was the founder of Indian civilization. He said that these are the achievements of the last five thousand years and the seeds for solving the problems of the world population in the next five thousand years are hidden in his thoughts.

Dr Ran Singh spoke about the relevance of Gandhiji’s thoughts in today’s world. Journalist and writer Piyush Babele’s new book, “Gandhiru Siasat and Communalism 3,” was also launched during the program. In his address, Piyush Babele highlighted Gandhiji’s non-violence and said that Gandhiji’s non-violence has nothing to do with cowardice or fear. It teaches Abhay what fearlessness means. He also revealed that in his last days, Gandhiji wanted to go to Pakistan to perform a satyagraha against the atrocities committed against the Hindu minorities there, but he was killed.

In the closing session of the international conference, the esteemed management expert and former director of IIM, Prof. Ravi Chandran, delivered a powerful speech. He emphasized the importance of non-violence as a crucial reference point for evaluating situations and actions worldwide. Prof. Chandran also emphasized the need for a purposeful and meaningful life, drawing inspiration from texts from life and mythology as well as the Gita. He urged those present to work among the people instead of just talking.

Ramashankar Singh, Founder Chancellor ITM University Gwalior shared his journey of building the university, starting with only Rs 5000 and social assistance. He highlighted the various aspects of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and explained how his path and dreams were neglected from the beginning of India’s independence.

The concluding function was attended by the Chancellor of ITM University Gwalior, Ruchi Singh Chauhan, the Vice Chancellor, Dr Daulat Singh Chauhan, eminent social scientist Prof. Anand Kumar, noted socialist thinker and historian Prof. Rajkumar Jain, Vice Chancellor Dr Sher Singh Bhakar, deans and heads of various schools, dignitaries of the city, students, women students, and visiting scholars. The program was chaired by Prof. Rajkumar Jain and at the end, Pro-Chancellor Dr Chauhan thanked everyone for organizing the international conference.

Before the closing session, two academic sessions were held where scholars presented articles and research papers on health and strengthening the power of good for a just and peaceful world.


Overall, the conference was a great success with many insightful discussions and presentations on the Sustainable Development Goals and the philosophy of Gandhiji. The conference participants shared their insights and experiences, and there were many thought-provoking discussions on sustainable development goals and the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. The conference highlighted the significance of Gandhiji’s principles in achieving sustainable development, and how sustainable development goals can be achieved through Gandhian philosophy.

The conference has provided an excellent platform for scholars, researchers, and students to come together and discuss issues related to sustainable development and the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. Such conferences are essential for creating awareness and promoting sustainable development practices worldwide.

ITM University Gwalior is a renowned institution that is committed to providing its students with a world-class education that prepares them for the challenges of the future. In addition to its rigorous academic curriculum, the university is known for organizing various events and programs that provide students with opportunities to gain valuable information and experience in different areas. The various events organized by ITM University Gwalior provide students with a holistic learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. These events help students to gain valuable information and experience in different areas, preparing them for the challenges of the future and equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen careers.

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