Mechanical Students Achieve The Impossible

ITM University: Celebrating Dreams

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Achievement of Mechanical Students

Mechanical Engineering is one of the core branches of engineering discipline. Complementing other branches with their technical expertise in motors, power plants, boilers, locomotives, automotive and other major industries, Mechanical engineers work closely with some of the most complex human-made systems on the planet. Being the oldest branch, Mechanical also promises bright exposure to the most basic subjects in Engineering. At ITM University, with the presence of ample infrastructure and state of art research areas, students of this branch enjoy a life filled with fun, excitement, adventure and learning blended with their never-ending passion for research.

Recently, 3 students of ITM Group of Institutions who are studying mechanical engineering, presented a final project of their degree. This project is a new wonder among the students of other branches as well. This is because these 3 students, Parent, Akash and Ashutosh of B.Tech have achieved the impossible by converting a 4-stroke Petrol Engine to a Compressed Air Engine which uses compressed air as its medium of operation. The idea is to use the air stored in a tank having huge kinetic energy to produce useful work output. Compressed air is easily accessible from the atmosphere, thereby making their innovation both efficient and sustainable. The engine will find application in Locomotives, boilers, aircraft and other mechanical industries. The Project-Based Learning initiative at ITM University always recognizes great talents and provides ample learning opportunities to the students.

This project also proves that, if given the right opportunities and guidance, Engineers can scale any mountain which involves technicality and persistence. The lack of proper infrastructure in learning makes for bad experience among students which in turn creates a lack of interest towards their craft. At ITM University students can be seen researching and discussing their projects wherever they want. The University gives ample freedom of thought and thought presentation. Over the years of its operation, ITM has uncovered several untapped talents and prodigies.