Story Of A 1000 Smiles : A Short Story of Experiences

In 2017, the Indian Economy was listed as the 6th largest Economy of the world by nominal GDP. It was also the 3rd largest by purchasing power parity of that year. A nuclear weapons state and regional power, it has the 2nd largest standing army in the world and ranks 5th in military expenditure among nations. By the grace of our business class lobby and the infinite labour of our infinite workforce we still continue to perplex the worlds outlook towards us in numerous areas.

But, behind these awesome facts and figures stands another India. A rural India which is the true backbone of all our living standards.The rich with their ultra modern lifestyle full of gadgets and technology and uber cool facilities can never understand the pain and turmoils of this community.

‘Whenever we see a kid outside our window on a Traffic signal, do we pause to realize the challenges he faces in his life? The hardships, the pain, the anguishment, the discouragement he goes through in his daily life? Do we even try to find out if the kid actually has something to look forward to in his life? Forget quality, do we even care if he is receiving even the basic formal education necessary to lead a comfortable lifestyle?

If the answer to the above questions is a definitive ‘YES’ then the next decisive question is: Do we try to find out a sustainable solution which has the ability to make an impact on a large scale such as this?

As a student of ITM University, the top University in MP for Engineering, Abhishek Dubey realized these Challenges in 2014 and resolved to change the current status of Education in rural India by revolutionizing every inch of it with Technology. With some of his friends, he started ‘MUSKAAN Dreams’: an NGO to support the children who face injustice due to the lack of infrastructure, Teachers and proper guidance. Today, a network of 250 Youth volunteers, 25 city leaders and 8 National leaders are tirelessly working to change the lives of 15000 children in three cities. With effective management, they have created a movement which aims to provide equal educational opportunities irrespective of one’s Class and Status.

He has also been recognized and awarded by various agencies and eminent personalities from around the world during his journey. The honourable president of India has himself recognized Abhishek and MUSKAAN for their work in 2018. After 5 years of continuous handwork, his recent achievement includes a ranking in the Forbes-30, Under-30 list.

Proud alumni of ITM University, the best University in Madhya Pradesh, Abhishek tells the story of his success and ITM’s contribution in it in his own words:

“I remember the day I entered ITM without any dreams or expectations from myself but during my engineering studies, I found some amazing learning, culture, values & insights which encouraged me to do something big & touch so many lives along the way. I can proudly say that ITM is a temple for me and I have received everything here. I will recommend ITM to Everyone and continue to regarded as the best engineering college of Madhya Pradesh