Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness serve as a vital and integral part of students living on campus. The mission of Sports & Fitness is to provide the university community with a program that offers vigorous, fun-filled, health-promoting, physical activity conducive to wellness and personal development. Sports & Fitness supports the mission of the University by seeking to create a climate that motivates members to embrace a healthy lifestyle, which can enhance their academic studies, build friendships and social skills, develop leadership qualities, and cultivate a sense of ownership and belonging to the university. With a dedicated School of Physical Education and Sciences, ITM University boasts a wide array of sports facilities and infrastructure.



  • Cricket with 2 Astroturf and 3 International level turf 01
  • Lush green Football field with natural turf
  • 400 meter, 8 lane athletics track
  • Basketball complex with 2 International size courts
  • Tennis complex with 2 Tennis courts
  • 2 standard Volleyball courts
  • Standard Handball court
  • Standard Kho-Kho ground
  • 2 standard Kabaddi grounds
  • Grass turf Hockey ground




  • Gymnasium
  • Badminton Court
  • Squash Court
  • Sauna Bath
  • Steam Bath
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sports Store
  • 25-meter standard swimming pool with attached baby pool.


Adventure Park (under planning)

We are currently establishing an adventure park for the development of university students and faculty.




Students of ITM University Gwalior by virtue of its membership of AIU, are able to participate in National Inter-University Competitions.

ITM University Gwalior has achieved many national and international landmarks in various sports and games. One of our students represented the Indian Women Hockey Team in Rio-Olympics. Two of our students represented Indian Junior Women Hockey Championship held at Korea in 2016-17. Our women hockey team is runner up in All Indian Inter-Zonal Hockey Championship and also got a Bronze medal in Hockey 5’s All India Inter-University Championship. ITM men’s team won the Bronze medal in American Football Championship at Inter-University level.



Floorball is a Hockey like sport played with 96-115.5 cm long sticks and a plastic ball of 22-23 cm circumference with holes on it. The stick is ‘J’ shaped and has catching nets on one of the ends. In recent years ITM University has emerged as the hub of FLOORBALL in India. Presence of ample sports opportunities and infrastructure in the University have to lead the Indian Floorball Federation to select ITM for Floorball events, year after year. Starting from the 10th Floorball Federation cup in 2016 (See link ), ITM has witnessed countless tournaments of National and International Stature. The never-ending support of faculty members and the Managing Director ITM University, Gwalior and Dr Daulat Singh Chauhan have been the true drivers of this transformation.

Since its initiation in 2016, Team ITM has been successful in many championships in both Male and female categories. The Girls Floorball team at ITM is famous and has been appreciated throughout India. This is because they recreate history every time they step on the court. The Girls and Boys both the teams have been successful in securing Gold Medals in the ALL INDIA INTER-UNIVERSITY FLOORBALL TOURNAMENT of 2017-18 and 2018-19. This repeated success of both the Teams continues to inspire generations of players of ITM University to play the sport in the coming years.