NAVDEEP KAUR: An Explicit Saga Of Relentless Dedication!

Sports and Athletics play a vital role in maintaining our balance in life. While good mental activity promises, fantastic retention and understanding abilities with zero input in physical balance, sports promises something holistic for both body and mind. Especially games like, hockey or basketball have the ability to impart physical fitness to every organ of the body.

This perception in thinking has been developed for busy and immersive people to maintain a sound mind within a healthy body.

Though, playing sports professionally is an all-together different task! This article is about the inspiring journey of International Hockey player Navdeep Kaur who is an alumnus of ITM University.

An extraordinary athlete and sportsperson, Navdeep initiated her masters in Business Administration from ITM University, School of Management. Professionally, she has been an indispensable part of the Indian International Women’s Hockey Team and won Gold in the Asians Champions trophy for women in Singapore in 2016. She has also been part of the Indian team in various Hockey Test series held in Australia, Holland and Belgium. A midfielder and Defender, Navdeep was inspired by her elder Sister, Lovepreet Kaur to pursue hockey as a career. Working arduously, Navdeep started playing at an early age of 13 years. As a child, she grew up watching her elder sister play, who is a defender herself. Motivated by her parents and relatives Navdeep chose to pursue this game as a career.

Navdeep also regards Rupinder Pal Singh, an international player who plays as a FULLBACK for the Indian Men’s Hockey Team (and is known as one of the best DRAG Flickers in the world) as her role model. He inspired her to pursue defending as the game role.