12 Years Of Selfless Love : ITM University

Since 12 Years, we are coordinating with various departments to realize a common objective in a university is a daunting task in itself! As and when an order arrives, one has to leave everything behind and start to effectively manage the workforce. This effective management comes at the cost of Time and planned efforts. Mrs Trapti Pathak, the cultural Coordinator of ITM University accomplishes this task in a very orderly fashion. The quality of cultural show speaks for themselves when it comes to event planning and management.


Being the cultural coordinator, Teacher-Parent Association coordinator, Educational and Industrial visit coordinator while also being the proctorial board member requires an infinite amount of courage and devotion to work which Mrs Trapti possesses.

Inspiration for students, usually her day starts from 9 am at the university. Taking Lectures, Checking assignments, Coordinating with laboratory, taking students out for industrial visits while also coordinating the infinite number of Events and Activities held in ITM University. An important point to note here is that to be the best private university in MP and among the top engineering colleges in India and to maintain it consistently over the years requires a great deal of effort which ITM Employees put-in on a daily basis. Talking about Mrs Trapti, she has coordinated some of the most High-profile events of ITM. The Convocation, Alumni meet, Annual Day, Annual academic and non-academic Festivals, Expert Talks, Musical Concerts, Book Launch Events etc are all flagship events of ITM University. In these events, some of the prominent personalities from around the world visit the best private University in Gwalior and impart their unparalleled wisdom to the students. Mrs Trapti plays a very important role between different departments to organize a successful program. Her students are the best examples of her work who have won All-round Inter-University championships in Madhya Pradesh and India. Students talk in lengths about the emotional, mental and academic support they have received from Mrs Trapti. 12 years of selfless love is a long duration to devote your services to a common cause.


She has been a member of ITM family for twelve years now and has been awarded the Ace performer of ITM University two times in a row. A mother, A wife, A Daughter, A Teacher, A mentor, A coordinator and what not! Mrs Trapti is a living example of what a person can achieve if he develops and plans systematically his passions and interests.